What Is Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession in which the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system is the traditional focus

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Chiropractic is a healthcare profession in which the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system is the traditional focus.

There is a wide variance amongst types of treatment and scope of chiropractic care from doctor to doctor. Some chiropractors only adjust bones in the spinal column, some mostly use muscle work or manual therapy, and some use special instrumentation and machinery for therapy that includes electrical and ultrasonic impulses.

Chiropractors are best known for their ability to correct misalignments of the spine, which are referred to as spinal subluxations. At Synergy Chiropractic, we perform all of the above including adjusting the spine and extremities by hand and/or with instruments. We also perform neuromuscular re-education and other muscle therapies to help balance neuromuscular function. For more information on the types of manipulations and Adjustment techniques utilized, please refer to our Adjustments page in the Patient Education section.

Chiropractic physcians also make use of conventional diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, MRIs, and specific laboratory analyses. Spinal and extremity manipulation is only a part of what we at Synergy Chiropractic do as part of an overall plan to manage your health.

Other kinds of treatments you may see at a typical chiropractic clinic include:

  • Chiropactic Adjustments: The use of hand or special instrument to deliver a quick thrust to bones or other tissues in the body to restore balance and proper function. ( Click Here for more information )

  • Manual Therapy: Use of special intruments or hands to work on imbalances of the muscles of the spine and extremities.

  • Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling: The use of quality nutriitonal supplements as well as healthy lifestyle choices as a vital part of allowing your body to heal itself. There are many things that effect our health that we cannot control, so its important to do what you can to keep your body in the best state that you can.

  • Stress Management: The identification of stressors in a patient's life and counsel on avoiding or removing these things from your life as well as education on certain stress relieving techniques that can be done to help alleviate them.

  • Therapeutic Exercise: Use of certain postions and motions to train and restore muscle balance. Often used to help hold adjustive work and prevent further subluxations from occuring.

  • Physical Rehabilitation: After restoring proper neurologic function to muscles this therapy is used to restore strength to affected muscles. It consists of excercises that isolate muscles that require increased tone or strength to restore balance.

In the field of chiropractic, there is more and more research being done on conditions that have been positively effected or resolved using the above techniques in conjuction with other lifestyle and nutritional considerations. It is commonly believed that chiropractic is a treatment for only spinal issues such as back pain or muscle pain, but that label is starting to be wear off as people are beginning to see just how benefical this treatment can be for a multitude of health complaints. Please see our patient education page titled Benefits of Chiropractic Care for a more complete list of these conditions as well as information on how chiropractic care helps the body.

How We Are Different Than Most

At Synergy Chiropractic, we not only treat musculoskeletal conditions, but also work with disorders related to organs or body systems as well as mental/emotional issues that a patient may be suffering from. Please refer to Our Services page to learn more about the types of therapy we use and see how it may differ from what you expect or have experienced with other chiropractic care.

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