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The popular TV show Grey's Anatomy very recently aired an episode that featured one of my healing modalities- Neuro-Emotional Technique! The episode wasS15 Ep 22- Head Over High Heels.

This is an amazing thing for the world of alternative medicine. I had a chance to watch the episode in full last night, and immediately wanted to share it with everyone today.

I took my first Neuro-Emotional Technique seminar back in 2014 in Seattle, WA, and have been using the technique in practice ever since. 

Neuro-Emotional Technique is a science and research backed mind-body procedure. Using manual muscle testing, we can identify emotional traumas or stress responses that have not processed but rather have become "stuck" in the body, thus manifesting as destructive beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, phobias, physical ailments, and more. 

With NET treatment, which can employ a number of different treatment techniques, often involving forming a mental image of the original event or stressor while holding certain points on the forehead or performing certain adjustments, and more, we can help to release the unresolved emotional stressors in the body.

My patients often report feeling lighter, feeling different when they think of the emotion or stressor, feeling less pain in certain parts of their bodies, etc. after we do NET. It's an integral part of my practice, and in my opinion one of the best ways to address the mind-body connection. I couldn't imagine practicing without it. 

Check out the video clip at the link below! My colleague Dr. James Huang put it together. It is a video of the NET-only parts of the Grey's Anatomy episode. Enjoy!


This May 2019, Synergy Chiropractic turns 7 years old! I cannot believe that what was only a dream 7 years ago is now an absolute reality. 

I have included some old photos and some new below! You can see some old ones of me in chiropractic school from 2008-2011, when I was president of the Applied Kinesiology Club, and photos from this past sixth year of practice. 

Thanks to my patients for making what I do so awesome. I enjoy it every single day. I am truly BLESSED to do what I do! 

Here's to another 7 years, and another 7 years, and another! Thank you!

Thanks to all of our patients who participated in our winter bulletin board project-Share the Warmth: Reasons Why We Love Chiropractic!
Hopefully you all got a chance to check out the board and read just a few of the many reasons we all love chiropractic, written by our very own patients. There are so many more that didn't make the board. Feel free to list them below!
Looking forward to another great week here in the office!

Today I want to share a technique that I learned from Dr. Wally Schmitt and Dr. Kerry McCord back when I attended chiropractic school outside of Chicago.

The technique is called Injury Recall Technique and is used to address any trauma/injury both recent and old (injuries can date back to birth!) that often may still be causing pain or problems.

Whenever we sustain an injury, little or big, our body is meant to react in certain ways. This includes activating certain musculoskeletal (certain muscles tighten and weaken) and neurological (pain signaling) responses to protect the body from further damage. These responses are meant to be in place for a temporary time period, until the threat to injury and injury itself have resolved.

Sometimes, these musculoskeletal and neurological responses do not cease for long after they should have. Sometimes, the body holds on to the injury as a sort of memory. This can cause continued pain signaling and neuro-musculoskeletal imbalances, resulting in pain and other symptoms.

IRT, or Injury Recall Technique, helps to eliminate these responses and erase the injury memory, thus allowing the pain signaling to end and the brain and body to begin fully healing the injury and resolving the symptoms. 

IRT involves muscle testing to determine the site of injury. We then apply stimulus to the affected area, plus certain treatments such as flexion to the head and neck or compression of the ankle joints along with origin/insertion muscle activation techniques, as well as other treatment techniques to address the old injury. We determine this with our tool of muscle testing.

We then re-muscle test to make sure that the injury has in fact processed and the body and brain is no longer locked in the old injury pattern. 

I have done this technique on patients with major injuries such as broken bones and strain sprains, to surgeries including laser eye surgery and major organ surgeries, to naval piercings and tattoos, and many more. The impact that these small to large injuries can have on the body can be vast. I am so grateful to have the tool of IRT to address them!



It's Webster Wednesday here at the office! Today my friend and patient Claudia came in for some prenatal holistic chiropractic care. 

Claudia is 5.5 months pregnant with her baby boy and has been experiencing excruciating lower back and sacrum area pain along with complaints that her walk already feels like a difficult waddle.

Last month, I attended a prenatal and perinatal chiropractic care with Webster Certification seminar in Vancouver, BC. Today, I was beyond thrilled to put my new skills in caring for pregnant women to work.

Webster technique is a chiropractic analysis and treatment technique that has many, many benefits, including:

*decreased physical pain, often associated with pregnancy
*increased spinal alignment particularly of the lower back, hips, and pelvis, offering greater potential for optimal positioning of baby in the uterus
*increased nervous system functioning of both mother and baby
*increased pelvic and core muscle tone, which assists in birthing
*increased blood flow and healing
*decreased uterus torsion
*a more balanced sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest, heal, digest) nervous system 
*stress reduction for both mother and baby
*reduced labor times and pain, as revealed in research study done by Dr. Joan Fallon

With Claudia, we had GREAT results. Claudia came in with a reported 6/10 lower back pain (10 being at its worst), and left with zero back pain. None! She also felt that her gait improved and became much more smooth. Then there are of course there are all of the many benefits that may not be perceived immediately upon care, but that are happening from the moment we begin the treatment.

We plan to treat Claudia at least once a month until the baby arrives, and then after the baby arrives. 

Many thanks to Claudia for including chiropractic in her prenatal care regimen. She has dedicated the time and energy to make this a part of her health program, and I am grateful to be her chiropractor!

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