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Super cool post inspired by a super cool patient experience I had with my last patient of the day yesterday, James!

Sometimes, a patient come in with an issue that causes me to dig out the books and put into action some protocols or modalities that I haven't used in a while. In this case, my patient James reminded me of the power and importance of Cranial Stress Receptors. 

James came in with complaints of recent difficulty verbalizing what he wanted to say. He felt like he could form the words in his mind, but couldn't speak the words. When it came time to speak the words, they just weren't coming out easily. He was describing a cognitive issue in the form of speech difficulty to me. Important was that this was a recent problem, not an ongoing problem, and James mentioned that he felt like it began after he perhaps received a hit to the head in Jiu-Jitsu. 

Immediately, Cranial Stress Receptors came to mind. In my Applied Kinesiology courses, I learned about skin reflex points located on the cranium. When these points are active, they will actually shut off or inhibit certain muscles throughout the body. These points are usually activated by a trauma, like a kick to the head! 

Sure enough, I found an active Cranial Stress Receptor in the left outer skull area, over the outer frontal area. This active stress receptor was actually shutting off his left pectoral muscle, causing a left shoulder problem as well. Also, guess what part of the brain this stress receptor was located over? Broca's area, the main part of the brain that plays a role in speech. Broca's area, located in the frontal left hemisphere of the brain, turns our thoughts into actual spoken words, and helps control the movements of our mouth. James and I were both blown away.

I treated the Cranial Stress Receptor found active on James by applying pressure in a certain vector over the reflex point for about a minute. This resets the stress receptor and renders it now inactive. It also restores full muscle strength to the affected associated muscle, in this case, the pec sternal muscle. I also performed some associated chiropractic adjustments. Ultimately, by treating the injured area of the skull, an increase in brain function and speech formation should be in store for James. 

This is the second time this week that I've been reminded of a powerful technique in my toolkit by a certain patient visit. I will share the second story later this week. Thanks to James for working as a team with me as I flipped through my book and brushed up on this technique! And thank you all for reading. Have a wonderful day!


I have teamed up with my colleague and personal trainer Maurice Williams of Move Well Fitness to bring you five easy at-home exercises for spinal alignment and pain relief. What I have been noticing during these times is that many of my patients are coming in in increased levels of discomfort and pain due to their work-from-home situations. Less exercise plus the not-so-ergonomically-friendly at-home desk set up has resulted in an increased amount of lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more, you name it. Add to that the stress of the current times, and we have a recipe for pain on our hands. Since many of you are also unable to come in for chiropractic treatments at this time, we decided to put the care into your hands with these at-home spinal relief exercises! Do these exercises throughout the day, particularly when you are working long hours at a desk or somewhere in your home. Carry these exercise into the future as well, when you may be back in the office at a desk, working a manual labor job, bending over all day (like me) etc! These are spinal stretching, strengthening, and pain relief exercises that can benefit anyone, anywhere.

How do we COVID-19? Outdoors!
Last week, my patient Andrew swung by and we held our session outside. Yes, outside, in the clean, fresh air, with those nice UV-disinfecting sun rays beaming down on us. Andrew didn't have to come inside the office at all, and we both experienced the healing benefits of being outdoors while having our session.
Being outdoors, especially during this time, has many benefits. I have been singing the praises of getting outside into nature during this time as a means of coping with what is going on, on many different levels. Holding the treatment sessions themselves outside is another great idea (thank you Andrew).
First of all, sunshine is good for our immunity, and bad for viruses. Sunlight exposure increases production of the important immune component vitamin D in our body. Research has even shown that our immune cells work faster and more efficiently in the presence of sunlight. The UV rays of the sun are also one of the best natural disinfectants around, especially given that many superbugs are now resistant to antibiotics and antivirals. Sometimes, I lay my n-95 mask in the direct sunlight to further disinfect it in addition to other protocols. Did you know that we also pick up beneficial bugs in the fresh air that come from soil and plants? We actually get some of our helpful microbes from the environment. The list of benefits from being outdoors is incredible, and overall, holding the session outdoors decreases risk for all at Synergy Chiropractic.
I look forward to seeing more of my in-need patients this week at the office! A gentle reminder that if you are not in urgent need of an appointment, we are requesting that you hold off until some of the restrictions, including on practices like mine, in Maryland are lifted. We will keep you posted on this.
I have greatly enjoyed being in the office and helping during one of the most important times in my career. Have a great week everyone!

In this country and in this time, we must do our own research, question what we are being told and taught, and ask if there is there more.

There are many methods of health care, such as holistic manual therapies, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, homeopathy, mind-body techniques, and more that can bolster our immune systems and our bodies to help us live a long and healthy life. These don't often get as much screen time as other mainstream medical therapies. I find myself questioning why we have not been told of the research-backed findings that high dose vitamin C and vitamin D have been highly successful in helping people recover from this virus. And there are so many other wonderful, effective methods of treatment! 

Instead, we are often taught that the cure in the form of a drug or vaccine after we have become infected is the only answer. This is not the only answer.

In this time, I believe bolstering our immune system is one of the best ways to be proactive around Coronavirus. It is something that you can do NOW, rather than wait.

Remember that our body contains an inborn system created to fight and protect us from harmful pathogens. I greatly urge everyone to begin thinking about and start being even more proactive in taking care of this system! 

Start to clean up your diet, determine what your body is lacking (muscle testing is a great way to do this) and start supplying it with what it is lacking in to have strong healthy systems, clear negative emotional traumas and beliefs that manifest weakness and dis-ease in your body, jump on that exercise bandwagon, take control of your body!

It can be a tough journey but there are a lot of support systems out there, myself included! It's a journey that will be rewarding in so many ways. I feel confident in encountering any health challenge because I take care of myself every single day. I am not afraid to see patients in my office or venture out into the world! I want to support my patients in feeling the same way.


British Royals Put Their Faith in Homeopathy, Alternative Cures


How is everyone doing out there?

Many of my patients have been asking me how I've been doing because, well, my patients are super awesome, thoughtful, and generous, and care about me just as much as I care about them 

To be very honest with everyone, I have been working long hours for a long time now. Loving what I do and being my own boss, I tend to say "yes" all of the time. It's been an exciting ride, and I wouldn't change a thing, however, my body and mind needs a break from time to time and was coming up on needing a major break. 

This indeed has been a wonderful break. I am seeing patients, although much less, as I am only seeing patients with active symptoms and urgent needs. This has allowed me to get more sleep than I have in years, rest my physical body more, rejuvenate my mind, and more. I expect to come out of this fully refreshed and on my A game.

I thought it'd be a good time to share how I'm living out this COVID-19 enforced downtime, and to also check in with all of you as well as offer my advice on what I am finding and believing to be most helpful during this stressful time.
Here's what I've been doing when the going gets tough:

#1-NATURE. I have gone on more neighborhood walks, hikes, and trail walks in the past few weeks than I sometimes have in an entire summer. Nature has a great capacity to heal. It has also been scientifically proven to increase our immune system function, decrease stress hormones in our body, improve oxygenation of our lungs and tissues and more. Also, right now, it is one of the few activities we can safely do. I included some photos of my two nieces, Lia and Sienna, and I on a family trail walk. We all stayed at least 3-6 ft apart, inhaled the clean, fresh air, and enjoyed spending time together.

#2 ART. I am so NOT an artist. I am not very creative either. In fact, my art is my job. But I think we need to exercise our creativity somehow in other ways right now. I decided to get out my colored gel pens pack, and when I feel stressed or anxious, I start coloring. I have also been baking and cooking more! I usually don't have time for that. Yesterday I was able to make gluten free blueberry muffins. Other great ways of getting artistic- games, puzzles, take a new route around the neighborhood, identify birds and flowers, etc. 

#3-MEDITATION. I love Insight Timer, one of the many free meditation apps out there. I remember one day a few weeks back, when everything started happening very quickly around COVID-19, I felt my anxiety spiraling. I did one ten minute meditation that night, and honestly ever since then, I've felt calmer and more grounded. It's amazing what ten minutes of mindfulness will do for you. 

#4-SLEEPING MORE. I let myself sleep in these days. Why not? There will be a time when life picks back up. We will wish we slept in more! 

#5-LAUGHING. Finally, I believe it is okay to smile and laugh during this time. In fact I think we need it. A good laugh keeps us healthy, positive, in a state of gratitude. That is the energy that we need right now. Of course, I acknowledge the sadness, grief, stress, and other emotions that come up surrounding the current events, but I also allow myself a good laugh, and then I focused on the positive. 

#6-SUPPORTING OTHERS. Thank goodness I can still practice, so I can be of service! I also began my online supplement ordering program. We pick up take out a few nights a week to support local businesses, I've given masks to people who need them, kind words to people who need them. I think we all feel better when we lift up others.

Thank you all for reading, for caring about me and the practice, and for continuing to support me! I hope you have found this post helpful or inspiring to you. I would also LOVE to hear how you all are spending this time or what you all are doing to de-stress. Please comment them below! And know that- I love you all and miss you!









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