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My patient Callie, who is now 39 weeks pregnant, came in for her last
I recently got to see my patient Aaron and his wife, Lia, after a couple of years of not seeing them! Lia and Aaron live in Georgia, and whenever they are traveling to the DC area, they pay me a visit together. It's always a wonderful visit full of lots of adjustments, muscle testing, healing, and smiles.
Aaron is a great success story. When Aaron first came in to see me in 2014, he had high blood pressure, for which he was taking two prescription medications for. Aaron expressed to me that he really wanted to be able to get off of his blood pressure medications, but that his blood pressure would spike too high whenever he tried.
After just one treatment, some nutritional supplementation to support healthy, stable blood pressure levels, and some positive dietary and lifestyle changes on Aaron's part, Aaron's blood pressure became completely stable, and he has not taken any prescription drugs for it since the day before his very first treatment. This still holds true 6 years later, as I checked with Aaron this recent visit.
We also worked on Aaron's left shoulder, which imaging revealed may have a labral tear. I gave Aaron a head to toe holistic treatment, but with extensive muscle testing of his shoulder. I worked on activating any inhibited, or turned off, muscles in Aaron's left shoulder so that his shoulder would be better stabilized. This is often accomplished not just with muscle work to the affected muscle and manipulation to the spine region, but with adjustments, reflex point work, and protocols involving the entire body. For example, we had to work on Aaron's right hip to help stabilize the shoulder too. Everything is connected! We also used our cold laser on Aaron's shoulder joint to aid in accelerating tissue repair and cellular growth, break up adhesive scar tissue, reduce pain and inflammation, and more.
Thanks to Aaron for sharing his story, and to his lovely wife Lia for taking the photos during our treatment! I look forward to seeing you both again whenever you are back in town!

Happy last week of January! 2020 is off to a wonderful start here in the office, and this week I am posting all about another type of reflex point- Neurovascular Reflex points.

Dr. Terrance Bennett, a chiropractor, discovered Neurovascular Reflex points in the 1930's. He mapped these points mostly over the head and chest. 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Neurolymphatic points, which stimulate the flow of lymphatic drainage from certain muscles and organs. Neurovascular points stimulate the circulation of the vascular system to various different muscles and organs. In improving circulation to muscles and organs, we improve function.

I will often ID the Neurovascular point that needs to be treated by using my tool of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing. Once I find a weak, or inhibited, muscle, I test to see if it needs the Neurovascular point treated. If indeed it does, I then use mild finger pressure on the points for about 30-60 seconds, often tugging them in different directions until I can feel a slight pulsing sensation. Treatment of the point often immediately dilates the blood vessels that supply oxygen and many nutrients located within the muscle and organ.

The patient often feels a deep sense of relaxation while we perform this treatment, as these points not only physically increase blood flow to and from muscles and organs, but also act as nervous system calmatives and emotional release points. This is because emotional stress has an overloading and congestive affect on our vascular system. When we hold these points, we can obtain an emotional processing/release and relieve emotional burden on our nervous systems and ultimately our bodies.

I am looking forward to treating many more reflex points for my patients in our holistic chiropractic sessions this coming week! Happy Sunday!

Yessss all the power! Chiropractic adjustments are POWERFUL.
Many people are surprised that chiropractic does SO much more than just free restricted spinal joints and decrease pain. Chiropractic directly affects our brain, nervous system, immune system, healing and recovery capabilities, chemical/hormonal/neurotransmitter balance, mood, sleep, and on and on.
I have had many different patients come in with musculoskeletal complaints, only to be surprised that after that pain having resolved, they also noticed:
improved sleep
getting sick less often
being in a better mood
seeing clearer
GI complaints improved
and more
I wish I could remember all of the various surprising improvements patients have told me they noticed since beginning regular holistic chiropractic care!
Check out this awesome infographic I found below for a neat overview of everything going on when you receive even just one chiropractic manipulation.
See you in the office tomorrow to unleash the power within!

It's time for another positive patient story with my girl Jen!

Jen came in a little over 4 years ago with complaints of joint issues, particularly in her knees especially her right knee, and in her neck, which she claimed "popped a lot" on its own and felt generally painful and achy. She also told me about difficulties with maintaining energy levels and focus and concentration throughout the day and had to take Adderal daily. 

From the start with Jen, we discovered adrenal stress. She had a positive postural hypotension test on exam, a common adrenal fatigue symptom, multiple other symptoms of adrenal stress, and we found adrenal-related muscle inhibition.

Many people don't know that two of the major knee supportive muscles, the sartorius and gracilis, are related to the adrenal glands. The sartorius is often correlated to the adrenal medulla, which releases adrenaline for energy, helps regulate blood sugar levels, heart rate, and more. The gracilis muscle is often correlated to the adrenal cortex, which releases cortisol to control our stress response and aldosterone to regulate our water retention and blood pressure, and more.

We found both muscles shut off in Jen's right knee, leading to knee instability and thus, her pain and discomfort. 

Cortisol, release by the adrenal cortex in response to stresses, also "eats away" at the ligaments of the body, particularly in the upper neck and SI (hip) joints. We determined that this was a part of her chronic neck popping, leading to instability, and ultimately pain. The desire to self-adjust in these cases can be very strong, but will only lead to more pain and instability down the road! Don't do it...

Anyways ultimately, Jen's treatment involved specific chiropractic adjustments, a few in particular to boost the adrenal glands, neurolymphatic reflex point work for the adrenal glands, mind-body techniques to address emotional and mental stress, and nutritional testing. We put Jen on Drenamin and Ligaplex II by Standard Process rehabilitate and strengthen her adrenal glands and ligaments. We have also used other supplements as necessary over the years as Jen's health has changed. Our treatment did not only involve treatment to her adrenal glands, although this was a main focus.

Years later, Jen is doing great! Her knee and neck pain have both greatly improved, as has her focus and concentration, allowing her to work herself off of her Adderal medication, which she has been off of since 5 months after beginning treatment in 2014 -yay! Her focus on concentration was also tied to her adrenal gland function. Jen comes in regularly to maintain our progress and her health, no more than once a month! 

And I always love to see her. We take our work seriously yet we have a lot of fun, and see our treatments as a team effort. Thanks so much, Jen! 






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