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"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it."-Albert Einstein
January's book of the month is all about protecting and nourishing our personal energy!
As I've learned, particularly after years spent in a career working closely with other people, both physical and mental/emotional energy can quickly become depleted if we don't protect and replenish our energy regularly.
Do you ever just feel drained after a certain meeting or appointment, after interacting with a certain person, after being in large crowds or in a place with a lot of noise, lights, or visuals, after having an argument, or any other situations? These incidences and many others are draining on our energy. When our energy becomes drained, it can manifest as anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, over-eating, and other mental or physical disturbances.
How do we replenish our energy when we've become drained? For starters, unplug and turn down the noise, meditate, take a bath, be alone, smudge and clear your space, exercise, grounding/earthing, get outdoors, do a digital detox.
How do we better protect our energy? Set and defend our boundaries, shield ourselves energetically aka visualize protection around you, create some space when we need it, practice mindful breathing, say no when we need to, avoid loud noise and stimulation, move away from the source of negativity, implement a no yelling rule during arguments.
These are just the very basics and starts of maintaining healthy energy day-to-day. If you want to know more, pick up this book! I've got it in my office for loan for anyone who wants to read it! Just ask me :)
This starts the first of my new series of informational posts all about the skeletal system! As you know, I adjust not only the main spinal column, but all extremities and cranial bones as well.
Many people, especially first-timers, come in to the office surprised to hear that I can adjust head bones, shoulders, knees, etc.
Today I am going to highlight one of the areas I adjust every single day: the foot.
Each foot has 26 bones and 33 joints, and since the feet are literally the foundation of the body, I can't imagine not adjusting my patient's feet! I often tell my patients, if I adjust everything that needs adjusting but neglect the feet, you could walk out, and as soon as you start walking, things are thrown off again.
Based on our gait mechanisms, aka the way we walk, each bone in the foot is related to a certain muscle. This is really where things get interesting. For example, one of the bones in the mid foot, the 3rd cuneiform, is related to the main rotator cuff muscle, the supraspinatus. Therefore, checking the same-sided foot in a patient who has a rotator cuff injury is incredibly important. Another cool example is the main shin splints muscle, the tibialis anterior, is correlated to another bone in the mid foot, the 1st cuneiform, making the foot very important in resolving shin splints. Last example- the main bone of the arch, the navicular, is correlated to the tibialis posterior muscle, which is an adrenal related muscle. This means that adrenal stress often leads to collapse of our arches, aka flat feet. See how it all fits together?
Stay tuned for the next post all about a different area of the skeleton!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Synergy Chiropractic! We are wishing all of our patients and their loves ones a peaceful, joyful holiday and a prosperous and healthy new year. We will see you all back in the office on Monday, December 28th!

Colleague Dr. Jonathan Charlestin of Charlestin Chiropractic Group 

 What he says:

FUN FACT: Black Chiropractors make up 2.3% of the industry’s population. 

Let me tell you why that is an issue. A majority of my patient demographic in my Stratford office live in Bridgeport. In about 70% of those patients I am their first chiropractic visit EVER. While I am happy to be their first point of contact in the profession, it raises the question “what have they been doing to alleviate their pain?.” The answer: Advil, Tylenol, or muscle relaxers. This is exactly why I joined this profession. I am looking forward to being a part of the change coming in our inner cities in Connecticut. My goal is to educate my patient base on the many options that they have for treatment of their chronic pain that does not involve them taking drugs.


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