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Wanting to clean up your health? Wanting to lose weight? Wanting to increase your energy, mental clarity, and do something good for your body?
Just want to detox 2020?
It's that time again! I will be doing the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program aka "The Cleanse" beginning October 4th, 2020 and ending October 25th! I do this detoxification program once a year in commitment to my health, and invite my patients to join me.
Why do an annual detoxification program? We are exposed to toxins every single day, including pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, and more. Although we are designed with a built-in detoxification system, in today's world that system often becomes overburdened. This leads to an endless array of symptoms and conditions, including joint pain, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, weight gain, reduced mental clarity, poor skin, allergies, and more.
We have a Facebook group for those who decide to take the plunge. Having the group is a wonderful support, as I have found that completing the cleanse with a group of people is one of the best ways to complete it successfully. In the group, I post many recipes, tips, and tricks, as well as motivation throughout the entire 21 days.
The 21 Day Purification Program basically consists of a diet of specific whole, organic, unprocessed foods, mostly vegetables and fruit for the first 10 days, followed by the addition of select proteins on days 11-21. It also includes a supplement regimen which includes a daily smoothie powder along with a few other supplements.
If you choose to join us on this journey, shoot me a direct message or give me a phone call. We will first decide together if it is indeed indicated for you to do a cleanse at this time. I can then get you your Purification Kit, complete with a Program Guidebook, and send you an invite to our Facebook group.
I welcome my patients to do this challenging yet incredibly rewarding cleanse for their health! I personally do this program yearly to improve my current health and as an investment in my long-term health.
Here's to an awesome Cleanse 2020!
I was right back at it this week with a full schedule in the office after taking a week off with my family last week in Deep Creek Lake!
One of my patients this week was up for helping me demo yet another technique that I use here in the office that falls under the category of muscle therapy.
The technique, which facilitates aka "turns on" a muscle when it has become inhibited or "shut off", is ORIGIN/INSERTION Technique.
Origin/Insertion technique is THE original technique that actually founded Applied Kinesiology in 1964. What our founder Dr. Goodheart discovered was that little micro-tears at the tendon of a muscle, where it lays down on the bone, can actually weaken a muscle. Theses tears usually occur when we injure the muscle from trauma or gradual, repetitive strain.
If I suspect there has been a muscle injury with any of my patients, I use muscle testing to determine which exact muscle is inhibited, and if so if micro-avulsions at the origin and insertion of the muscle is indeed to blame.
If so, we fix! With Origin/Insertion technique. Simply put, the origin is the starting point of the muscle while the Insertion is the end point. The treatment is easy-peezy. I rub in hard, heavy, perpendicular pressure over the site for 30-60 seconds. I usually explain to my patient that this is totally different from massage. This is a specific muscle activation technique that facilitates weakened muscles.
Afterwards, we muscle test again to see if we treated it enough. If not, more rubbing (which is often tender, and if you are a patient-you know this!) until it's fixed.
I am still amazed at what drastic results I have gotten for years with such a simple technique. I have patients who have had ankle sprains or back strains etc. that are years old from which the pain has never resolved just simply go away because the muscle was FINALLY treated for the true cause of weakness. All of a sudden, the pain generator is gone.
It really is a tried and true, old standby for resolving injury and muscle weakness.
After we treat with Origin/Insertion technique, I usually perform some adjustments to "lock it in" via the nervous system as I like to say.
It's been a wonderful, busy first week back after vacation. I am refreshed and excited to be back in the office and sharing what I do.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Treating the origin of the rectus femoris (quad) muscle
Treating the insertion of the rectus femoris (quad) muscle
Hi my wonderful Synergy fam!
Truthfully, this infographic sums up where I am right about now. COVID season turned out to be a BUSY season for me! This is a blessing, yet with a packed schedule of patients, pandemic office practices, over 100 notes to finish (this is what I'll be catching up on my mornings from the lakehouse!), and after months of trying to take care of my patients as well as myself in some of the most stressful times we've had in our lifetimes, I am officially ready for a rest.
My family and I take a week of annual family vacation together every August. This year we decided to stay somewhere a little closer to home, in Deep Creek Lake, MD.
I will be checking emails and chipping away at notes while I am gone. I will also be spending a lot of my time resting, recuperating, and recharging my batteries to get back to what I love, taking care of my patients and serving humanity.
**Please note that we are officially no longer accepting new patients through the end of the year 2020. We will re-evaluate in the new year if we can begin accepting new patients again.**
I will be periodically posting and checking in during my vacation.
**We will return to the office on Monday, August 31st.**
Thank you all!

I'm finally getting around to doing another post today ( I so enjoy writing these up, it's just about finding the time!), this time with another patient success story!
Meet Edgard, the father of another wonderful patient of mine, Ernesto. I have seen Edgard's son Ernesto for years now, but I have only had two visits with Edgard so far, and we have already seen drastic improvements in his health concerns.
After moving here recently from Peru, Edgard came in for his first holistic chiropractic health assessment and treatment.
To summarize, Edgard had a variety of issues he wanted to address, including severe upper back and neck pain for which he has had to take medication, some lower back pain, jaw pain, and high blood pressure and cholesterol for which he has had to take medication.
We tackled all of Edgard's issues using all of our tools of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, reflex point work, organ system work, meridian balancing, mind-body techniques, chiropractic adjustments, nutritional testing, and nutritional supplement support.
Just a few of the things we found that were significant and fascinating to Edgard: Many of his physical pain symptoms were listed side effects of the medications he had to take for his cholesterol and high blood pressure. While medication has a time and a place, it also often has adverse side effects. In Edgard's case, it could be a major factor behind his musculoskeletal pain. We also found many misalignments and weakness of the liver-related muscles upon neurologic muscle testing. Gratefully, Edgard was open to mind-body techniques as well.
Since Edgard had already begun working hard at lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise with success before seeing me, the treatment and addition of liver-supportive supplements to his regimen has already allowed Edgard to work down off his meds with his doc. Wooohoo! Yay for lifestyle changes + conservative care.
I am happy to report that at Edgard's second treatment, after just one treatment, he told me all of his pain levels were very significantly reduced. He also told me he is no longer taking his cholesterol medication.
I look forward to continuing to work with Edgard on his health journey! His future is definitely looking bright! Welcome to the Synergy family, Edgard.
What makes the treatments I give here so different from other types of chiropractors? What is 'holistic chiropractic' vs. just chiropractic?
These are questions many people have.
People who have been to other chiropractors, especially multiple chiropractors, often begin to see and understand just how different each chiropractic practice and approach is.
As with any profession, not all chiropractors are created equal in many different ways! This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that each chiropractor has something different to offer. The question is, which approach do I implement and and which approach do you want?
For those who would like this question answered, here is my best explanation!
Chiropractic medicine was initially established as a whole body health care approach. This meant we took stock of not just structural imbalances, but chemical ones and emotional/mental ones as well. We evaluated not only joint function, but organ system function, mind-body function, nutrition, lifestyle factors and more. It was founded as a truly holistic medicine.
Today, in my opinion because of the structuring of medical practices promoted these days along with insurance reimbursement as decided by insurance companies, preference of using of only one or two types of treatment modalities, etc., a common practice structure is for the doc to see a very high volume of patients, for an abbreviated amount of time, frequently. This is not how every chiropractor practices, of course, but it is generally a common treatment approach in the chiropractic field.
I have chosen to practice quite differently than this common model, as have many other chiropractors, and there are plenty of chiros at many different points on this treatment-style spectrum!
I personally see my patients on average 45 minutes per session, sometimes less, sometimes more, on average about once a month, sometimes less, sometimes more. New patients I spend even longer with. Mostly because of this, I do not accept insurance. I want my patients to feel listened to and cared for. I customize treatment not only to each individual patient, but to each different patient at every different visit.
I believe in taking the time to truly get to know my patients, their history, complaints, and all the possible factors behind those complaints. I have structured my practice to be able to do this. I am a chiropractor by license and at heart, and so much of my treatments consist of chiropractic adjustments. These chiropractic adjustments can come in many forms depending on the patient- manually, using an activator tool, pelvic blocks, or Thompson drop pieces on the table. Also, what many patients additionally receive during their treatments is muscle testing and activation techniques, reflex point work, lymphatic system work, vascular system work, organ system work and organ manipulation, mind-body tehcniqursd including Neuro-Emotional Technique, Total Body Modification techniques, cold laser therapy, color therapy, homeopathic remedies, nutritional testing and supplementation, and more.
I choose to assess and treat the patient not only from a spinal standpoint, but truly, holistically. This means I am not only considering but also treating these other factors. This also means that I am taking the time to do this.
Thank you for reading my "two cents" on what holistic chiropractic means!

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