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Wishing this wonderful soul all the best she she embarks on a new chapter in her life! 

A few weeks ago I had my last (regular monthly) session with Stacy after 3 years of near-monthly visits together! Stacy has just retired from a 30 year career with the US Air Force and is making her way road trip style across the country to the Pacific Northwest. Just how amazing is this soul? She is also pursuing a new life purpose in the conservation, preservation, and protection of elephants and the rescuing of elephant orphans in Africa.

Stacy came in for monthly holistic chiropractic visits for quite some time to maintain her physical and emotional health and well-being. She will return whenever she is in town, so it is not goodbye entirely!

One of my favorite things about my visits with Stacy is our deep philosophical talks! During these talks we would often reference self-help teachers and books, so, in honor of Stacy's leaving, I am going to share a few of the wonderful books we mentioned with you all. I am hoping my patients find much wisdom, insight, and self-help in them!

1. Untamed-Glennon Doyle
2. Finding Your Own North Star-Martha Beck
3. The Joy Diet-Martha Beck
4. Steering by Starlight-Martha Beck
5. Eat, Pray, Love-Elizabeth Gilbert
6. Love Warrior-Glennon Doyle
7. Braving the Wilderness-Brene Brown
8. The Power of Vulnerability-Brene Brown

Stacy, I am so grateful to know you and my life is definitely all the more enriched because of you! I look forward to the day that we have our next treatment session, even if it is a little farther out than usual! So much love and respect for you, and wishing you all of the very best on your journey! 

Dr. Amanda


** We will be out of the office from Thursday, July 2nd through Monday, July 6th!** 

We wish all of our patients a happy, healthy, and safe Fourth of July holiday! We still have and will always have so much to be grateful for.

**Office Update! We will not be accepting ANY NEW PATIENTS until Sep 1st on! For quite a while now, the schedule has been very full and I have been booking out quite far. Combine this with the influx of patients after COVID lockdown, and we are at max capacity. Any new patient who is referred or calls to schedule will not be scheduled until Sep 1st or later. Thank you all for your understanding!**







Honestly we saw someone bring a girlfriend on friday and he hadn’t even registered her and the guy said, just put her Honestly we saw someone bring a girlfriend on friday and he hadn’t even registered her and the guy said, just put her

Let's talk about suboccipital muscle release and the Stillpoint technique!

If you've been in my office for a treatment, you have very likely had this treatment done (and for many of you, it's one of your absolute favorite parts of the session if not favorite part altogether). There's good reason for that! 

I combine suboccipital muscle release with the Stillpoint treatment for most of my patients, usually when they are laying on pelvic blocks (a twofer if you will).

Lets start with the suboccipital muscles. These are the muscles that attach into the base of our skull at a bone called the occiput. There are four paired muscles in all, and when they need release, they often feel like taught bands at the base of the skull. When tight, these muscles can cause headaches often in the base of the skull and into the head including behind the eyes, neck pain, shoulder/upper trap pain, congested sinuses, vision issues, and more. These muscles are also highly interconnected with our stress response. Whenever we experience stress, our suboccipital muscles tighten down. Notice when you are under stress how "scrunched" your upper neck is. 

The first thing I do is to release the suboccipital muscles with my fingertips by practically balancing the base of the skull into my fingertips. This is often tender or even painful to the patient but also feels very good and relieving (if you're a patient, you know what I am saying!). This immediately helps to relax the muscles and take the body out of the sympathetic nervous system stress response. Also, many patients report their sinuses draining immediately, while we are holding the points. There are so many other benefits as well.

Near the center of the suboccipital muscles, there are two points known as the Stillpoint. With a prolonged holding and gentle rocking of these points, we achieve an even further relaxation that is often described as an absolute MELTING of the entire body. These are powerful points. With treatment, the nervous system goes into a temporary suspension. Cerebrospinal fluid flow is increased, and tension is released within the connective tissue of the brain itself. This may be why patients truly love this technique.

While it is not the same as having another treat these for you, you can treat both of these at home! I often tell patients to use a tennis ball to try to treat this points. Simply roll and hold the ball at points along the base of your skull. See picture below!

Last week we had a birthday treatment for a rock star patient and friend of mine, Taylor! Not only did she come in on her special day for her treatment, she agreed to take some pics and share her story.

Taylor initially came in for moderate to severe sudden shoulder pain, which we were able to completely resolve together in 5 treatments. Thanks to our conservative care methods, no other medical interventions were necessary for Taylor's shoulder.

Taylor also has the movement disorder called Cerebral Palsy, which affects her motor abilities, balance, and posture, among other things. Taylor asked me if we could work on this with our holistic chiropractic treatments, and I am so glad she asked! With the shoulder all fixed up, we were now able to focus more on our holistic treatments, particularly with work directed to Taylor's brain, neurological and muscular systems.

We implemented chiropractic adjustments along with our Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, muscle therapy, reflex point work and organ work, mind-body techniques, and more. Chiropractic is research-backed, specifically with patients with Cerebral Palsy, to decrease muscle spasticity, decrease pain, improve muscle tone, improve balance and posture, and improve autonomic nervous system function. The autonomic nervous system regulates a multitude of bodily functions through the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. These subconscious functions include digestion and all internal organ function, heart rate regulation, respiratory rate regulation, vascular flow, stress response, mood, and much more. With our holistic chiropractic treatment, we were able to support Taylor with all of these amazing benefits.

I look forward to continuing to work with Taylor monthly, as usual in an integrative, holistic way! Thank you, Taylor! And happiest of birthdays! Also, check out Taylor's Instagram page TC.Talks101 or her Facebook page Taylor Talks, where she provides inspirational content all about overcoming your limitations and interviews tons of motivating peeps. If you want positive and uplifting content, definitely check her out!


To wrap up my series on treatment points today, I am going to tell you all about Acupuncture Tonification Points! 

I've recently posted about reflex points I commonly use in my practice (scroll back through my posts to find them!), and we have covered both neuro-lymphatic reflex points (increase lymphatic drainage from muscles/organs)and neuro-vascular points (stimulate vascular flow to muscles/organs). 

I have learned much about the acupuncture meridians in my Applied Kinesiology courses, including which muscles and organs correlate with which meridians, and various points along the meridians that are of specific importance. One type of acupuncture point I choose to use very often is the tonification points. Simply put, when stimulated, tonification points nourish and stimulate the chi (energy) flow along the meridian and to the associated organs and muscles.

I do not needle acupuncture points as a licensed acupuncturist would. I incorporate the acupuncture systems into my treatments differently. While it is not a comprehensive acupuncture treatment and does not replace the amazing service that acupuncture and oriental medicine practitioners provide, I find so much benefit in working in some of what this incredible and ancient medicine offers for my patients that I choose to use it often, usually when I find it to be indicated via muscle testing.

I use chiropractic manipulation, red light laser therapy, and acupressure tapping or rubbing to stimulate tonificaiton points. We will often see an immediate re-facilitation aka strengthening of the weak muscle/s associated with the meridian. It's another amazing tool to have in my toolkit!