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I wanted to share Dr. Phil Maffetone's recent article on one of the most common physical ailments that people come into my office with- chronic low back pain.
Holistic chiropractic treatments are a wonderful and highly effective alternative to over-the-counter medications such as NSAIDS, as well as pharmaceutical pain killers, muscle relaxers, and even surgery.
With Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, we can identify the contributing causes of lower back pain. People often ask me what causes lower back pain. I loved this article because it really breaks down the basic causes of chronic lower back pain-
*excess body fat
*weak abdominal/core muscles and reflexively tight lower back muscles
*chronic inflammation due to poor diet
*musculoskeletal balance
*too much sitting
*being sedentary
*exercise stress
*poor sleep
*poor shoes
*mental/emotional stress
*weak adrenal glands, GI system, or other organ system weakness
This in a nutshell is why persistent lower back pain happens! Thankfully, Applied Kinesiology muscle testing helps us to identify which of these factors are involved. We can then treat all of the above factors with chiropractic manipulation, muscle therapy, reflex point work, meridian balancing, mind-body techniques, nutritional testing, and more.
Holistic chiropractic care is one of the best and most conservative forms of care for lower back pain and should be considered as a first line treatment!
Check out Dr. Maffetone's article for more info!

Another health problem that chiropractic can help with? Snoring. Yes, snoring!

I get a lot of complaints about snoring (usually from the spouse of the patient and not the patient themselves!) and I wanted to share the ways in which chiropractic care can help with snoring/sleep apnea/sinus issues. Snoring and sleep apnea also lead to other more serious problems, including lack of oxygen and periods of non-breathing in the night, so it is important to get a handle on this health condition! 

Sleep apnea and snoring can be caused by a number of factors, including sleeping position, weight gain, inflammation, dental structure, and more, but I am going to discuss the neuro-musculoskeletal contributors to this problem, and how chiropractic can help. 

The mouth, nose, and throat are surrounded by multiple structures, including many muscles (as seen below), ligaments, and lymphatic and blood vessels, and are also backed by the vertebrae of the cervical spine (neck). Oftentimes, there are imbalances and blockages in these structures. Cervical vertebrae can become misaligned, which places excess pressure on some of the soft tissues and air passageways. Musculoskeletal imbalances in the head and neck also contribute to lymphatic (waste) drainage blockage, which results in the sinuses improperly draining or getting congested, which is also a causative factor in snoring. Chiropractic adjustments aid in balancing the musculoskeletal system and relieving pressure on the air passageways. 

Chiropractic care also optimizes nervous system function which positively affects breathing patterns, since breathing is under nervous system control. I also check the hyoid bone, a small bone in the front of the neck that often gets shifted due to muscular imbalance, thus also possibly compressing structures housed in the neck. Cranial bone balance is important as well since the cranial bones are highly related to breathing, sinus elimination, and neck alignment. With muscle testing and chiropractic techniques, we also work on cranial bone balance.

As you can see, we could spend a lot of time just on checking for and treating things in the head and neck, therefore making snoring/sleep apnea another health condition for holistic chiropractic care!


Many updates, upgrades, and improvements are coming to Synergy for a brand new year in 2019! Today I'm sharing my new and improved colored lenses set that recently arrived at the office. Some of my patients have already had the opportunity to be treated with them.
Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is a centuries old healing modality that uses the individual frequencies of different colors to improve and enhance physical and emotional health in the body.
Here are just a few of their associated properties and benefits:
Red: vitality, security, courage, B vitamins, spine/glandular system
Orange: sociability, confidence, reproductive system, hips
Yellow: cheerfulness, mental clarity, vitamin A, stomach/adrenals, eases depression
Green: unconditional love, forgiveness, heart
Blue: communication, expression, creativity, thyroid gland, throat
Aqua: soothing, calming, loving expressiveness
Indigo: serenity, intuition, wisdom, pituitary gland
Violet: beauty, selflessness, deep sleep, vitamin D
Magenta: relaxation, balancing emotions
Baker-Miller Pink: stress relief, calms aggression, reduces computer glare, appetite suppressant
We area also having our carpet replaced today with brand new carpet for the new year. I am so excited for all of the changes coming to the practice, and I hope you all are too!
*We are out of the office Friday, Dec 21st-Wednesday, Dec 26th. Have a wonderful holiday! *

My kind, funny, musically-talented and holistic-chiropractic-care-loving patient Joe stopped by for his treatment last week here at Synergy Chiropractic. Joe is very much in tune with his body, and we always have a good time together helping his body to function optimally from a structural, biochemical/nutritional, and emotional/mental place.

Joe has high-functioning autism, meaning he is at the milder end of the autism spectrum. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by challenges with social interaction and communication. Symptoms range from mild to severe. There is a wide range of causes and contributors to autism, including genetic factors, immune system stressors, neurological imbalances, environmental neurotoxins and chemical pollutants, food sensitivities, emotional stressors, and more. 

With holistic chiropractic kinesiology, we can work on all of these factors. With Joe, I treat him as I would any other patient, using muscle testing to prioritize his particular treatment needs. 

We assess the presence of spinal misalignments and correct them via chiropractic manipulation, pelvic blocking, activator methods, and more. This increases functioning of the brain and nervous system and eliminates interference in neurological signaling. The central nervous system controls every organ and function of the body, and since chiropractic greatly affects the nervous system, it can positively affect all bodily functions. We assess and work on any biochemical factors such as infections, toxins, heavy metals, electromagnetic disturbances, food sensitivities, and more, and help to reduce them and their effects in the body. We also do some mind/body work to address any negative effects that the mind and any emotional stressors may have on the body’s performance and functioning. 

At first, Joe was apprehensive before I would perform an adjustment. However, we have had the opportunity to develop a strong confidence bond and Joe knows how much adjustments bring him relief. And his smile, when I’m done, is priceless!

Joe is so in tune with his body, that towards the end of our session together, he goes through his own inventory and flags any particular issues that still need some care. A true team effort between doctor and patient!

I love working with kids and teens, and I truly enjoy working with Joe and his mother! Joe is a wonderful patient, who strives to make changes in his life to increase his health and overall well-being, changes that are synergistic to our treatments here in the office.

Joe is a great example that chiropractic care can greatly help quality of life in any patient with autism, and support them as they strive to increase their ability to live a rich and happy life.

Things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving Day 2018:
*being a chiropractor
*the awesome feeling of adjusting a bone
*representing women in chiropractic
*the healing I share with my patients
*the laughs I share with my patients
*all of my patients!
*helping to relieve pain, make people happier and healthier, and better peoples lives
*my chiropractic/applied kinesiology family
*a job that I love
*my mom for being our amazing office manager
*my parents for helping me achieve all of my goals
*a great rest of the year at Synergy Chiropractic!
Thanks to all of our patients, family, and friends for being a part of my most favorite place in the world- Synergy Chiropractic! We hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Let's make it a great rest of the year!