Why Walk: What Every Chiropractic Patient Should Know about Walking

There's good reasons why I ask my patients to walk- both in the middle of a treatment and/or at the end of a treatment (up and down our runway, the hallway), and after the treatment, when they get home or later in the day!

I often ask my patients to walk in the middle of a session, after we have made a few corrections, and then again at the end of the session. I do this for the reasons listed in this infographic below, such as letting the adjustments "settle in", increasing neurological input from joint motion to the brain, allowing certain muscles to relax, and more. 

I also do this to watch my patients gait and posture as they walk, so I can identify any further corrections I need to make, or gain insights into what else we need to work on in the treatment session. 

I also check in with my patients during the walking, to see if anything feels off to the patient, if anything is jumping out at them, or if the pain has moved/resolved, etc. My patients and I always work as a team to complete the treatment.

I also commonly tell my patients not to work out the day of and/or for a few days after the treatment, but to go for a walk that evening or do a lot of walking over the next few days. This is for the reasons listed in the infographic below as well! One of the best things that you can do after a chiropractic adjustment, is go walking. Use it as an opportunity to get outside, and to support and help your body in its healing process.