Why Our Littlest Patients Need the Biggest Care!

This week I was so very happy and grateful to treat 2 week old Sienna Quinn! Sometimes people are surprised that infants so young are brought in for a chiropractic kinesiology treatment, when in fact it is infants that are some of those most in need of chiropractic care (imagine trying to squeeze through a 10cm opening!) Being born is rough, and infants often develop spinal misalignments and sustain other birth trauma, reducing the healthy functioning of their nervous system. This can result in colic, constipation/diarrhea, delayed development, skin rashes, and the list goes on. One neck adjustment, one rib adjustment, and one homeopathic dose, and Sienna was on her way, a much calmer and less fussy baby than when we began! We were also able to determine Sienna's specific dietary sensitivities. Homeopathy and chiropractic manipulations are two of the safest forms of health care for infants, not to mention they greatly enhance health and can truly change a child's life. Adverse events for these therapies are virtually nonexistent, a much better alternative than the slew of side effects and possible adverse events that come with drugs and more invasive therapies. I am so honored to be able to provide this gentle and effective health care for my littlest of patients!