When You're Sick...See Your Chiropractor!

Lately there have been quite a number of bugs going around, and people getting sick frown emoticon

While we do appreciate the concern from our patients about coming in to the office while they are sick, there is truly no better time to come in for your chiropractic kinesiology treatment!

I always talk about how a chiropractic treatment can boost the immune system (the body's fighter and protective system), but I recently came across this info graphic that states exactly how a chiropractic adjustment does that. This info graphic cites some awesome research that has been done to determine exactly how chiropractic is enhancing the body's immune system, and it's pretty amazing!

There was also a study done in 1994 on HIV positive patients who were receiving regular chiropractic care. These patients showed an incredible 48% increase in immune system cells to fight viruses. 

By getting treated and enhancing nervous system function, you will likely improve your odds of beating illness in quicker time, while being more comfortable, and ensuring better immunity in the future to such bugs!

In my opinion, a chiropractic kinesiology treatment is better than any drug or medicine in combating sickness. At the first sign that I am coming down with something, I schedule to get treated myself right away. The best thing to do is to strengthen your body's own defenses.

On a final note, again not to worry- we disinfect the entire office and my treatment room often to make sure we keep it a sanitary, healthy, and happy place!

Here's to a fun Friday for everyone and a rejuvenating rest of the weekend!