When the Chiropractor and the Dentist Go Hand-in-Hand
Another perfect time to schedule your chiropractic kinesiology treatment? After a visit to the dentist!
Recent studies have shown that chiropractic kinesiology combined with dental work results in more symptom relief and less pain when it comes to issues such as TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction), and after having a regular cleaning, fillings, crowns, implants, etc.
After having proper dental work done, you will likely need adjustments, especially to the upper neck vertebrae, which are critical in TMJ function and overall nervous system function. Many patients report that while they love their dentist, sitting in a chair with their head back in awkward positions for a while can cause a few issues, not to mention whatever procedures were done, while necessary, could possibly cause some spinal misalignment.
Also, with Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, the muscles of the TMJ, such as the ptergyoids, masseters (chewing muscles), and temporalis (over the temple) muscles can be tested for imbalances. Manual release of these muscles can be performed, often resulting in increased symptom relief and better alignment of the jaw.
On rare occasion, the temporomandibular joint itself may need to be adjusted, a very gentle and special adjustment that my mentor Dr. Tim taught me back in school.
Lastly, the bones of the cranium (skull) can be assessed for proper motion, and if a lack of certain motion (known as a cranial fault) is found, it can be corrected manually in the office.
All of this work combined with a good dentist, particularly one who knows the importance of proper bite alignment, can do wonders for patients who have dental issues or TMD. At the least, schedule an appointment for a tune up after having some dental work done!
If you need a referral for a good dentist, we have a holistic dental office we often send our patients to- Natural Denist Associates- Dr. Gary Adams and Dr. Kim Baer. In our opinion, hands down the best in the area. Their dedication to healthy, minimally invasive, and holistic dentistry is unmatched!