When Doctor Becomes Teacher! Guest Lecture at UMD

I had a blast as a guest lecturer, along with Dr. Robert Ciprian, at University of Maryland's graduate Health Communications class last night. I love any opportunity to inform people and especially students on the alternative medicine field, its reemergence in medicine, the misconceptions, and just answering any questions about our powerful and effective field of holistic medicine! We even got to demo some muscle testing to the students. 
The students were eager to learn all about our field and how it can help people to restore their true health, by using the body's own gentle healing abilities, and without invasive and aggressive therapies such as drugs and surgery. 
If you have any speaking/lecture opportunities that you would like me to ask me about, please do not hesitate to ask me! 'Doctor' is originally of Latin meaning "to teach". To be a doctor, is to teach.
Thank you University of Maryland and Professor Elizabeth Petrun!