When a Reverend and a Chiropractor Come Together!
I'd like you to meet my patient, friend, and coolest minister around, Rev Ogun Holder!
I initially met Rev Ogun, who I've known for almost a decade now, when I stumbled upon Unity Church, where he was an ordained minister. We clicked and became quick friends, and very soon afterwards he also began coming to see me as a patient.
Ogun has incorporated eastern medicine and chiropractic into his wellness routine for years. I have always felt that there is a spiritual component and level to the holistic chiropractic treatments done here in the office. Yes, I am going there. Spirituality can be generally defined as a persons search for the sacred meaning and purpose of life. Sometimes, when we are so off center, this can become difficult. I find that the treatments done here at Synergy, both literally and figuratively, help people to come back to their center, which can help them better connect with life and what it has to offer.
I will let Ogun describe why he chooses regular chiropractic care with me. Here it is in his words!
"One of my favorite sayings is, "Prevention is better than cure." Chiropractic care has been part of my health maintenance and self-care regiment for decades. I'm sure it's no coincidence I'm rarely ill. What I love about working with Dr Amanda most of all though, is her ability to find the emotions that have embedded themselves in my body through her well-practiced Applied Kinesiology techniques. We store the emotions of unresolved traumas in our bodies. Left untreated they can lead to more serious illnesses. More often than not, her treatments lead me to deeper inquiry around issues I didn't even know I was holding on to. As a spiritual teacher, I'm grateful to have a healer like her in my life. She helps keep me in good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual shape."
Rev Ogun is currently also the co-founder of Project_SANCTUS, "a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of equanimity, justice and love for all." Feel free to check it out if you are so drawn!
Thanks Rev!