What To Really Do When You Get Sick

A couple of weeks ago, I started feeling the stirrings of a cold coming on as a mild sore throat and cough.  So what did I do? I immediately received a chiropractic kinesiology treatment from my colleague.  

After a good physical work over to get my body functioning optimally again and ready to fight this cold, he muscle tested me for the specific nutritional supplement support that I needed.  

Below is a list of some great, natural antimicrobials (bug-killers!).  How do you know which one is right for you? Get muscle tested! We are dynamic beings who are always changing, and no one is the same.  While my body tested positively for taking Garlic 4/day, you may test for something else completely to help you.  

The Garlic supplement along with the treatment completely knocked out my "cold", and I stopped experiencing any cold symptoms the day after I got treated and began my Garlic supplement.  These are some potent antibiotics from Mother Nature!

Also, the absolute BEST thing to do as soon as you feel you are getting sick, or are sick, is to go get a chiropractic kinesiology treatment! Don't cancel because you are sick.  There's no better time to get treated.  Your body needs the support to fight off sickness.  It will also allow you to figure out what supplements you need to take to get over the sickness, rather than having to resort to prescriptions.  The earlier you address it with holistic care, the better!

Now let's have a healthy rest of the winter!

Dr. Amanda