What to do After an Accident? The Sooner You Get to Your Chiropractor, the Better!
How long should you wait to come in after a whiplash injury, or any injury for that matter? The answer is: don't wait at all!
My patient Alissa and her husband were rear-ended in an intersection recently, and they had the absolute right idea to call me IMMEDIATELY to come in and get fixed! About two hours after the car accident, Alissa and her husband were in my office being treated. This is a great example of exactly what to do when any kind of injury is suffered- get in for your chiropractic visit right away!
Whiplash is a shearing injury to the neck, where usually one or more muscles will have been injured, and the neck misaligned. Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and stiffness, and if it goes untreated for long, can also eventually cause jaw pain and TMJ problems, arthritis in the neck, thyroid and nervous system problems, and even skin issues around the neck.
When a patient comes in after whiplash injury, I check all muscles of the neck, often in the sitting positions and sometimes even with arms outstretched if the patient was the driver in the accident. I put the patient in the circumstances surrounding the accident, and then treat them according to what I find needs to be fixed. I use muscle testing, muscle activation and therapy, chiropractic adjustments, reflex points, and more to address the whiplash injury right away.
Because Alissa and her husband made it into my office so soon after the accident, they recovered more quickly and are so much less likely to suffer any long-term effects of the accident.
Alissa was kind enough to share her experience with us! Please check it out below:
Dr. Amanda helped tremendously following our car accident. We were standing still when we were rear-ended at 40 mph, leading to a severe headache at the time of impact and bad neck and low back pain within an hour of impact. My husband and I saw Amanda hours after the accident and unlike a previous time that I was rear-ended, instead of the whiplash being worse the next day it was noticeably better. She adjusted my cervical vertebrae and two of my husband's upper cervical vertebrae on the day of the accident among other adjustments. I believe that her care is the reason why my whiplash lasted only a week or two and never worsened beyond how it was before my first visit with her on the day of the accident.
Thanks to Alissa for being so proactive about her health, and thank you all for reading!