What Is Holistic Chiropractic, Really?
What makes the treatments I give here so different from other types of chiropractors? What is 'holistic chiropractic' vs. just chiropractic?
These are questions many people have.
People who have been to other chiropractors, especially multiple chiropractors, often begin to see and understand just how different each chiropractic practice and approach is.
As with any profession, not all chiropractors are created equal in many different ways! This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that each chiropractor has something different to offer. The question is, which approach do I implement and and which approach do you want?
For those who would like this question answered, here is my best explanation!
Chiropractic medicine was initially established as a whole body health care approach. This meant we took stock of not just structural imbalances, but chemical ones and emotional/mental ones as well. We evaluated not only joint function, but organ system function, mind-body function, nutrition, lifestyle factors and more. It was founded as a truly holistic medicine.
Today, in my opinion because of the structuring of medical practices promoted these days along with insurance reimbursement as decided by insurance companies, preference of using of only one or two types of treatment modalities, etc., a common practice structure is for the doc to see a very high volume of patients, for an abbreviated amount of time, frequently. This is not how every chiropractor practices, of course, but it is generally a common treatment approach in the chiropractic field.
I have chosen to practice quite differently than this common model, as have many other chiropractors, and there are plenty of chiros at many different points on this treatment-style spectrum!
I personally see my patients on average 45 minutes per session, sometimes less, sometimes more, on average about once a month, sometimes less, sometimes more. New patients I spend even longer with. Mostly because of this, I do not accept insurance. I want my patients to feel listened to and cared for. I customize treatment not only to each individual patient, but to each different patient at every different visit.
I believe in taking the time to truly get to know my patients, their history, complaints, and all the possible factors behind those complaints. I have structured my practice to be able to do this. I am a chiropractor by license and at heart, and so much of my treatments consist of chiropractic adjustments. These chiropractic adjustments can come in many forms depending on the patient- manually, using an activator tool, pelvic blocks, or Thompson drop pieces on the table. Also, what many patients additionally receive during their treatments is muscle testing and activation techniques, reflex point work, lymphatic system work, vascular system work, organ system work and organ manipulation, mind-body tehcniqursd including Neuro-Emotional Technique, Total Body Modification techniques, cold laser therapy, color therapy, homeopathic remedies, nutritional testing and supplementation, and more.
I choose to assess and treat the patient not only from a spinal standpoint, but truly, holistically. This means I am not only considering but also treating these other factors. This also means that I am taking the time to do this.
Thank you for reading my "two cents" on what holistic chiropractic means!