What I'm Grateful for this Thanksgiving 2018
Things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving Day 2018:
*being a chiropractor
*the awesome feeling of adjusting a bone
*representing women in chiropractic
*the healing I share with my patients
*the laughs I share with my patients
*all of my patients!
*helping to relieve pain, make people happier and healthier, and better peoples lives
*my chiropractic/applied kinesiology family
*a job that I love
*my mom for being our amazing office manager
*my parents for helping me achieve all of my goals
*a great rest of the year at Synergy Chiropractic!
Thanks to all of our patients, family, and friends for being a part of my most favorite place in the world- Synergy Chiropractic! We hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Let's make it a great rest of the year!