What He Said! Meet Colleague Dr. Jonathan Charlestin

Colleague Dr. Jonathan Charlestin of Charlestin Chiropractic Group 

 What he says:

FUN FACT: Black Chiropractors make up 2.3% of the industry’s population. 

Let me tell you why that is an issue. A majority of my patient demographic in my Stratford office live in Bridgeport. In about 70% of those patients I am their first chiropractic visit EVER. While I am happy to be their first point of contact in the profession, it raises the question “what have they been doing to alleviate their pain?.” The answer: Advil, Tylenol, or muscle relaxers. This is exactly why I joined this profession. I am looking forward to being a part of the change coming in our inner cities in Connecticut. My goal is to educate my patient base on the many options that they have for treatment of their chronic pain that does not involve them taking drugs.