We Are What We Think: Clinical Affirmations

This post is inspired by another great presentation I attended while at the International College of Applied Kinesiology meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland two months ago.

Dr. Patrich Wennergren, DC, DIBAK, presented The Clinical Neurology of Affirmations- an Applied Kinesiology approach to the use of clinical affirmations in daily practice.

I loved this presentation because I know the incredible power that our thoughts, words, and emotions have and the influences that they make on our bodies. Dr. Wennergren taught us about this mind-body connection, and then showed us how we can use muscle testing to find appropriate, positive affirmations for each of our patients to aid in their healing.

Neuroplasticity is the basis for how our thoughts affect our physical body. Neuroplasticity is essentially the ability of the brain and nervous system to change throughout our lives based on behaviors, environment, or, in this case, thoughts. 

According to Dr. Wennergren, about 80% of our thoughts are negative. This can have profound affects on our health, because our nervous system is responding to every stimuli to the body, including our thoughts. Thoughts create new neural pathways, and these can either be health-damaging, or health-promoting. 

So what do we do about these negative thoughts that we will undoubtedly encounter? We use our tool of muscle testing to determine a positive declaration, better known as an affirmation, that the patient can state, either quietly to themselves, verbally, or written. This simply takes a few minutes of time for the doctor and patient to work together as a team to determine what that statement is. It is different for every patient depending on what they are dealing with.

Below, I have attached photos of some great affirmations that I have found, so that you can begin using them right away. Whenever that negative thought creeps into your mind, use one of these affirmations to change your course of thinking. Or, muscle test your positive affirmation with me at your next visit!