Visiting the Creators of the Highest Quality Whole Food Supplements in Wisconsin

This past weekend, I attended a Beyond Fundamentals nutrition seminar at Standard Process, Inc out in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin! 

As a holistic healthcare professional, nutrition is very important to me. Organ system work, nutritional sensitivity testing, and nutritional supplement, herb, and homeopathy testing are an integral part of my patient's treatments.

Standard Process, Inc is one of my absolute favorite supplement companies. All SP supplements and herbs are health care professional only, ensuring that patient's are taking exactly what they need for their specific health needs, nothing more and nothing less. 

What I love about SP is that all of their supplements are whole food based, meaning that the nutrients and minerals come exactly as they do in nature, with all of the other vitamins, enzymes, cofactors, etc. that nutrients normally come along with when we eat our food. Beyond this, over half of their supplement ingredients are grown on their very own certified organic farm in Wisconsin, ensuring safety and quality. This is exactly how nature intended us to get our nutrients-from food!

Check out some of my snapshots below from my trip to the SP farm and facilities! At any future appointments, please feel free to bring in any supplements you are taking, so that they can be muscle tested to determine if they are beneficial or not. We can then also muscle test for specific nutritional deficiencies and needs of the body and determine an appropriate supplement regimen.