Vision and Eyes: In the Realm of Holistic Chiropractic!
Lately my patients have been asking me about something that most people wouldn't think to ask their chiropractor about: Vision. When they tell me about their vision or eye problems, they usually preface it with "I don't know if you can do anything for this, but...."
I am SO glad that my patients are starting to ask me about improving their vision or any vision/eye related problems as they are seeing that, as a holistic chiropractor, I work on much more than just aches, pains, and the spine!
There are actually MANY things that can be done in a holistic chiropractic visit to improve eye-related concerns.
This is all that can affect the eyes/vision and what I check whenever a patient mentions their eyes:
*I correct all spinal misalignments, particularly in the neck and in the cranium (skull bones), as these bones particularly affect the nerves to the eyes.
*I check the small intrinsic muscles and ligaments of the neck and the relationship between the occiput (base of skull) and atlas bones through a procedure called "Rocker Motion".
*I check the TMJ, which greatly affects the eyes and also allows for waste drainage from the eyes. Fluid build up in the eye often leads to the common health condition of Glaucoma.
*I check the muscles supporting the neck and head.
*I check the actual position of the eye in the orbit and work on small eye muscles if necessary to change eye position.
*I always check for dietary sensitivities that could be weakening the body including the eyes and vision. I muscle test for the need of any nutrients crucial to eye health including vitamins D, B12, vit A, C, E, lutein, zinc, and others.
*I incorporate procedures from Total Body Modification to address vision as well.
*I incorporate Neuro Emotional Technique for any mental/emotional stressors affecting the body.
This is a great example of why you should ask your holistic chiropractor about any and all health concerns that you have! When we combine not only musculoskeletal treatment, but also biochemical and emotional treatments as well, we can affect the body in much broader ways!