Using Muscle Testing to Determine How to Adjust

My awesome patient Mike has made yet another cool GIF video for me!

In this video I wanted to demonstrate how I use muscle testing to make sure I am adjusting a bone or vertebrae in exactly the way that it needs to be adjusted.

"Palpating" or "feeling" how a bone is restricted is one major skill that a chiropractor must have. We must be able to feel how a bone is restricted and moving/not moving.

Applied Kinesiology muscle testing can give us confirmation or not as to whether we are adjusting the right bone in the specific way that it needs to be adjusted. I am demonstrating in this video how I feel the movement of a vertebra in the neck with my hands, and I then give the vertebra a small "challenge" as we call it, by pushing it in the direction I believe it needs to be adjusted. I observe for changes in muscle testing to confirm or not that that is indeed how the vertebra needs to be adjusted.

This is yet another awesome tool of muscle testing, because by using muscle testing along with my palpating skills, I can ensure that I am adjusting the exact bone in the exact right way. This allows for accurate, efficient chiropractic adjustments that I know that the patient needs. It eliminates any uncertainty and gives me complete confidence in the adjustments that I give.

Thanks again to Mike for the video, and for Applied Kinesiology muscle testing which allows me to give my patients the absolute best care possible!