Uncovering Alternative Therapies in COVID-19 Times

In this country and in this time, we must do our own research, question what we are being told and taught, and ask if there is there more.

There are many methods of health care, such as holistic manual therapies, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, homeopathy, mind-body techniques, and more that can bolster our immune systems and our bodies to help us live a long and healthy life. These don't often get as much screen time as other mainstream medical therapies. I find myself questioning why we have not been told of the research-backed findings that high dose vitamin C and vitamin D have been highly successful in helping people recover from this virus. And there are so many other wonderful, effective methods of treatment! 

Instead, we are often taught that the cure in the form of a drug or vaccine after we have become infected is the only answer. This is not the only answer.

In this time, I believe bolstering our immune system is one of the best ways to be proactive around Coronavirus. It is something that you can do NOW, rather than wait.

Remember that our body contains an inborn system created to fight and protect us from harmful pathogens. I greatly urge everyone to begin thinking about and start being even more proactive in taking care of this system! 

Start to clean up your diet, determine what your body is lacking (muscle testing is a great way to do this) and start supplying it with what it is lacking in to have strong healthy systems, clear negative emotional traumas and beliefs that manifest weakness and dis-ease in your body, jump on that exercise bandwagon, take control of your body!

It can be a tough journey but there are a lot of support systems out there, myself included! It's a journey that will be rewarding in so many ways. I feel confident in encountering any health challenge because I take care of myself every single day. I am not afraid to see patients in my office or venture out into the world! I want to support my patients in feeling the same way.


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