Treating Three Generations with the Mason Family!

We had three generations here in the office last Friday! I absolutely loved treating this grandmother, mother, and granddaughter, who all came in together for a family chiropractic visit! 

People often ask me who chiropractic is for. One of the answers to this is that chiropractic is for ALL ages, from newborn (sometimes they are adjusted within hours of birth) to the elderly, and everyone in between. 

With the Mason family, each treatment was a bit different, as it is for all of my patients, yet simiilar. We assessed their skeletal alignment, muscle testing function, organ and organ system needs, emotional blockages, nutritional needs and more. We used our tools of chiropractic manipulation, from traditional manual adjustments to gentler techniques such as pelvic blocking and activator instrument-assisted methods, neuro-emotional and other mind-body techniques, reflex point work, and more to bring grandma, mom, and daughter back into balance and functioning at their most optimal.

On any given day, I have many families come in together, from husbands and wives, to parents with their children, to siblings, to cousins, to sisters or brothers-in-law, to grandmothers and grandfathers and their grandchildren, and more! Treating families together makes for a special kind of treatment. The family bonds can be felt in the office and even become a party of the treatment. Plus, there are usually lots of laughs (like we definitely had on Friday) and good conversation in a fun and relaxed space. There's just something about treating families!