Treating Ruth's "COVID Arm"
While you may be hearing of "COVID arm" in the news, today I'd like to share something I've been seeing clinically in my patients who have recently received the COVID-19 vaccine.
(Side note: We all hear a lot of things in the news. My motto is, I wait to see what I observe in my patients. I like to see how my patients present and how they respond to various therapies. While I greatly respect research, I also believe that my clinical experience with people day after day is of utmost importance in informing my practice. This holds true for me with anything and everything, from vaccines to new and different therapies, to various injuries and illnesses, etc. I like to approach everything with an open mind and consider all possibilities. Today, I am sharing something I've been seeing in my practice these days!)
My patient Ruth came in and was one of a handful of my patients who have received the vaccine and presented with what would appear to be an arm/shoulder injury afterwards. Ruth told me that she had had a pretty severe reaction to the vaccine in terms of the amount of arm pain that she experienced afterwards, which lasted a week, so it all checked out. I muscle tested her right shoulder and found a few muscles shut off, seemingly injured. This included one of the sections of her deltoid muscle as well as a rotator cuff muscle.
I then proceeded to treat the apparent injury as I would any patient, with some muscle activation techniques to repair the injured muscle, with some reflex point work including lymphatic points to increase lymphatic drainage, and with some chiropractic adjustments, particularly in the area of the shoulder and upper back and neck as well as to the vertebral level of nerve supply to the affected muscles. We got great results with just this therapy. All muscles that were inhibited aka shut off, began firing well again, and Ruth's pain significantly decreased. All function was restored to the muscles affected, and Ruth regained better right shoulder range of motion.
I also at times like to work with vials, and have been checking various vials related to the COVID-19 virus as well as the vaccine. I simply make sure that before they leave, my patients muscle test strong when exposed to the vial.
With Ruth, all of our work together that day was manual, in-office work. I didn't send her with any supplements in this case, but we made so much progress. She was pain-free when she left. It was a reminder of just how powerful one chiropractic kinesiolgy session can be, even for something a little out of the norm like an arm injury seemingly from a shot.
Thanks to Ruth for posing with me! And for trusting me with her care.
Let's make it a great new week!