Treating Not Only the Spine, but Ligaments Too!

As a holistic chiropractor, not only do I always check alignment of the musculoskeletal system, but I also check something else that is very important-ligaments! 

Through Applied Kinesiology, I have learned just how important ligament health is, and just how important it is to check certain ligaments throughout the body for dysfunction. After all, it is ligaments that hold joint alignment throughout the body in place, particularly after an adjustment!

The iliolumbar ligament is one ligament in the body that is super important to check/fix. Discovered by Fred Illi at National Chiropractic College (my alma mater!), the iliolumbar ligament is a strong ligament that connects the last lumbar (lower back) vertebra to the hip bone.

The iliolumbar ligament should be checked often and particularly in cases of lower back/pelvis/hip pain or any symptom that is worse with walking a lot. 

I usually have the patient stand in certain gait (walking) positions and test certain muscles during this to asses if there is an iliolumbar ligament issue. If there is an issue with the ligament, we will often work on the glut max muscle and then manipulate/work on the ligament itself. Oftentimes, this is followed up with an adjustment.

If the iliolumbar ligament isn't checked, particularly in the cases of lower back/pelvis/hip issues, it is likely that the pain will not be entirely resolved or it will return shortly after the treatment.

With Applied Kinesiology, I have so many more tools in my tool belt than the foundational and important tool of chiropractic adjusting. Checking and treating major ligaments throughout the body is just another one!