Treating My Littler Patients Before Their Big Move!
This past Sunday, I said goodbye to a few of my littler patients as they make a big move to South Carolina!
I've been treating John, Moira and Michael together for the past few months, and while I am sad to see them go, I've had such a blast with them.
While we've worked on the basics, such as correcting spinal misalignments from birth trauma, falls and accidents etc, establishing proper brain-body communication, balancing the nervous system, boosting their immune systems, and more, some of the specifics we've worked on are allergies, both environmental and food, good intestinal function, optimal sinus drainage, and more. Most recently, we treated Moira for a major wipe out she had on her bicycle! She really did a number on her head and neck...thank goodness for my tranings in cervical adjustments and cranial work.
Children benefit from holistic chiropractic care just as much as adults do. Spinal misalignments most often occur from the moment of our birth and can persist throughout our lives if left untreated, resulting in not only physical imbalances and pain but also disruption to the nervous system and thus our overall health.
Some signs that your child may need a chiropractic adjustment are colic, irritability, poor coordination, ear infections, noise sensitivity, sleep issues, and more.
Thanks to mom and patient Bridie for bringing in your lovely three little ones. The family that chiropractics together stays healthy together                             </div>

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