Treating High Schooler and Golfer Austin
Since I just found out it's this guys homecoming weekend (have so much fun, Austin!) I decided it was time to post our post!
Austin is a high school senior and excellent golfer. He currently golfs for Linganore High School, and came in to me a few weeks ago for a tune up. He told me he could tell that it was time to come in for a treamtent.
Did you know that chiropractic is SO important for golfers that there is an actual certification available through the Titleist Performance Institute for a Golf Performance Chiropractor?
No, I don't have the certification, BUT I have learned a lot about treating golfers through various post-graduate seminars. When Austin came in, I put my trainings to work.
My gold standard, I performed an Applied Kinesiology muscle testing evaluation on Austin to identify which muscles were inhibited or "shut off" and then treated these muscle imbalances. Austin had his Quadratus Lumborum aka QL muscle shut off on one side and too tight on the other. We fondly refer to this muscle as "the golfers muscle" because it is commonly shut off or injured in golfers due to the repetitive strain of the golf swing on it.
We tackled this muscle and more. Using chiropractic manipulation to not only the spine but also the extremities such as Austin's feet and knees, muscle activation techniques, reflex point work, and even mind-body techniques (emotions can cause muscles to shut off too due to their weakening effect on our nervous system), we got Austin's QL, and any other inhibited muscles, facilitated and working again.
Austin's out there now, playing golf competitively, and hopefully having an absolute blast, at his senior homecoming! Thanks Austin!