Tonifying with the Acupuncture Systems and Applied Kinesiology

To wrap up my series on treatment points today, I am going to tell you all about Acupuncture Tonification Points! 

I've recently posted about reflex points I commonly use in my practice (scroll back through my posts to find them!), and we have covered both neuro-lymphatic reflex points (increase lymphatic drainage from muscles/organs)and neuro-vascular points (stimulate vascular flow to muscles/organs). 

I have learned much about the acupuncture meridians in my Applied Kinesiology courses, including which muscles and organs correlate with which meridians, and various points along the meridians that are of specific importance. One type of acupuncture point I choose to use very often is the tonification points. Simply put, when stimulated, tonification points nourish and stimulate the chi (energy) flow along the meridian and to the associated organs and muscles.

I do not needle acupuncture points as a licensed acupuncturist would. I incorporate the acupuncture systems into my treatments differently. While it is not a comprehensive acupuncture treatment and does not replace the amazing service that acupuncture and oriental medicine practitioners provide, I find so much benefit in working in some of what this incredible and ancient medicine offers for my patients that I choose to use it often, usually when I find it to be indicated via muscle testing.

I use chiropractic manipulation, red light laser therapy, and acupressure tapping or rubbing to stimulate tonificaiton points. We will often see an immediate re-facilitation aka strengthening of the weak muscle/s associated with the meridian. It's another amazing tool to have in my toolkit!