Tim Talks 2018 Annual Seminar in Vegas!


This past weekend, I attended yet another amazing Tim Talks seminar put on by my mentor Dr. Tim Francis in Las Vegas.

This was my third Tim Talks and the material blew me away! I not only got to see my mentor demonstrate the work on all of my colleagues, he also worked on me. I am feeling great, recharged and like brand new, and ready to get back into the office tomorrow with all of this new work!

One of the focuses of the weekend was really getting deep to the root of what is behind bodily weaknesses and spinal misalignments, not only the physical causes, but the biochemical and mental/emotional/spiritual causes as well. 

One of the biggest challenges in practice is figuring out how to get treatments or adjustments to "hold" once we exit the office and are thrown back out into the real world and the stresses of our lives. This work seeks to really get to the root issues to help the treatments hold more permanently. 

I look forward to seeing all of my patients back in the office tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov 7th. We've missed you!