The US is now Consuming Over 80% of the Worlds Painkillers

Opioid (painkiller) usage in the US is a huge problem. The US consumes over 80% of the worlds pain killer usage. So as my mentor says, "Does money really buy happiness and health?".

Many of my patients, especially first time patients, are blown away at how quickly a chiropractic kinesiology treatment dissipates their pain. Pain that they otherwise would have possibly been given pain killers, muscle relaxers, or even advised to have surgery for. Don't get me wrong- there is an important time and place for these therapies, but oftentimes not without employing conservative care first.

The effectiveness of chiropractic care is becoming increasingly known, but still, we have far to go. Help us spread the good word by recommending conservative chiropractic care before someone seeks out mainstream medical treatment to include drugs and surgery for pain or an injury! You can help make a difference in the health of others.