The True Cause of Heartburn

Another common health issue we can work on with chiropractic kinesiology? Acid reflux/Heartburn. 

One of the top misconceptions in health is that acid reflux is caused by too much stomach acid. 9 times out of 10, the cause is exactly the opposite- too little stomach acid production.

So what is really going on? In the absence of stomach acid, food in the stomach cannot digest, so it sits there and ferments/rots, which then gives off the acids that are experienced as reflux/heartburn. 

There are many different contributing factors and causes of heartburn. Here are a few of those factors that we look into at a chiropractic kinesiology visit:

*Presence and correction of mild hiatal hernia/dysfunction of the diaphragm (ribcage) muscle. Sometimes the stomach can slide up through the opening in the diaphragm muscle just a bit, causing reflex, pressure, pain and other symptoms in the upper stomach area. This can be corrected with spinal adjustments, muscle work, and more. I find this issue in a lot of my patients and fix it almost every day! Regular chiropractic treatments actually prevent this condition from occurring.

*Spinal misalignments commonly in the neck and back

*Food intolerances such as wheat, dairy, corn, soy, and sugar which we can using muscle testing to determine

*Decrease in digestive enzymes and nutrient deficiencies such as zinc which can be temporarily supplied through natural whole food supplements to get your body producing sufficient stomach acid and digestive enzymes again on its own.

*Emotional/mental stressors which we can address with mind-body techniques

The current medical model often prescribes antacids such as Prilosec, Zantac, Tums, etc. While these drugs may suppress the symptoms, they actually do much more harm than good. Suppressing stomach acid production results in improper digestion of food and ultimately malnutrition, as little of the nutrients and minerals in our food can be digested and absorbed without stomach acid. This can result in osteoporosis in the long-term due to mineral deficiency. AKA not good..

Seek to correct the true underlying cause of your heartburn with holistic health!