The Power of the Chiropractic Adjustment
Yessss all the power! Chiropractic adjustments are POWERFUL.
Many people are surprised that chiropractic does SO much more than just free restricted spinal joints and decrease pain. Chiropractic directly affects our brain, nervous system, immune system, healing and recovery capabilities, chemical/hormonal/neurotransmitter balance, mood, sleep, and on and on.
I have had many different patients come in with musculoskeletal complaints, only to be surprised that after that pain having resolved, they also noticed:
improved sleep
getting sick less often
being in a better mood
seeing clearer
GI complaints improved
and more
I wish I could remember all of the various surprising improvements patients have told me they noticed since beginning regular holistic chiropractic care!
Check out this awesome infographic I found below for a neat overview of everything going on when you receive even just one chiropractic manipulation.
See you in the office tomorrow to unleash the power within!