The New, True Food Pyramid!
I can't think of many better posts to do than to set the Food Pyramid straight! I wanted to share what in my opinion and as Dr. Joseph Mercola has shown, is the true food pyramid for health.
The food pyramid we are used to seeing, with grains on the bottom making up most of our diet, and fats, oils, and salts (and sweets which is true!) making up the top and what we should eat the least of, was born out of a modern food system that promotes subsidized cheap foods which have been stripped of their nutrients. Conventional farming along with factory manufacturing and processing has unfortunately led to unhealthy diets, high obesity rates, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in the last 30-40 years.
The excess amount of carbohydrates we are advised to eat in the food pyramid, mostly refined, are a recipe for disease and obesity. We have also been harmed by the "fat-free" trend, which has resulted in the consumption of fake ingredients and has lowered our intake of healthy fats.
A true food pyramid is based on a base of protein, vegetables and plenty of healthy fats, much like the ketogenic diet promotes for attaining optimal weight and in general optimal health. We need healthy fats, such as in coconut oil, avocado oil, pastured eggs, butter, and grass-fed beef, for a myriad of functions in our body, including healthy brain function, inflammatory modulation, immune system response, hormone production, and more.
Fruits are then in the middle, as they are chock-full of nutrients, but contain fructose, which can be difficult for the liver to process if we have too much. Grains and sugars are then on the top, making up the least of our diet.
I hope you find this helpful when reaching for something to eat this week! I have recently made a re-committment to healthy eating habits myself.