The Mouth-Body Connection
I wanted to share some really awesome information that I was reading up on while studying my Applied Kinesiology tonight! Did you know that every tooth is related to a certain muscle/organ/emotion?
This means that changes in teeth can cause nervous system/health problems, and vice versa.
For example, someone with a sugar handling problem can develop latissimus muscle weakness, as the lat muscle is related to the pancreas, and this can then affect the lower 1st molar tooth in a negative way. Inversely, any dental problem with the lower 1st molar can eventually contribute to sugar handling problems.
This is also why it is so important to check cranial/jaw/teeth alignment with any patient in the office since occlusion (contact) of the teeth, and possible misalignment and uneven forces through the teeth/jaw can affect the entire body.
The point of sharing this is that to make the amazing point that everything in the body is SO connected. This is crucial to remember when evaluating a patient from a holistic health care prospective. If a patient comes in to the office with lower back pain, I want to assess and treat the entire body, not just the lower back area. To focus only on the area of pain is a commonly made mistake amongst practitioners. Thankfully, my mentors have always taught me to look at the person as a whole, for deeper and more permanent corrections and treatments!