The Art of Adjusting

Chiropractic adjusting, just like muscle testing, is an art, as my mentor says! 

Within the chiropractic profession, there are numerous different adjusting techniques, and no two chiropractors adjust the same. There are different philosophies behind chiropractic adjusting as well. My mentor Dr. Tim told me long ago to take a Gonstead adjusting seminar, which I did about a year ago (and I plan to take more!), and I was so happy that I did.

What I learned about chiropractic adjusting, through my mentor as well as seminars, is that it should be very specific, as well as artful, with the proper care and attention to details. As they taught me in the seminar "Any chiropractor can "pop" a joint", in a non-specific manner, but a true chiropractic adjustment is specific in exactly the way that the individual patient needs an individual adjustment done. Oftentimes, we hear an audible "pop" or release of gas from the joint, sometimes we don't. Luckily, with muscle testing, we can always check if we moved the joint appropriately or not.

I have caught on film this video of me making a very specific adjustment to the ilium (hip) bone. Taking as much time as needed to properly set up the adjustment and making sure that the joint is locked out appropriately is important. I do my best to take the time to feel the joint and then execute the thrust (which should be high in speed more so than force-another gem I learned at my Gonstead seminar). Making sure that my direction of thrust is exactly what the patient needs is also important. I usually use my tool of muscle testing to determine exactly what adjustment needs to be made. For example, in this case, it's an AS IN ilium, basically meaning that the hip bone has moved forward and inward at the joint. Taking the time to determine the specific, appropriate adjustments vs. blindly adjusting a joint makes all of the difference.

As with any skill, we get better and better at chiropractic adjusting as we work on it, and do more of them. I plan to keep learning, taking seminars, and putting plenty of care into my chiropractic adjusting, so that I can keep getting better.

Thanks for reading about one of my passions-chiropractic adjusting!