Take the Smeagol Sugar Addiction Test!

The timing of this post may be ironic, as we are one day away from Thanksgiving, and also heading into the holiday season, but that may be all the more reason to post this right now! I hope this sugar addiction quiz from my teacher and colleague Dr. Dave Hogsed and post on sugar will help motivate you to continue to eat fairly healthy and exercise some moderation throughout the holiday season!

Sugar is one of the worst things for our health that we can consume. High sugar consumption causes a myriad of symptoms and problems, including inflammation and pain, depression and mood swings, fatigue, lowered resistance to colds and infections, Diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, ADHD/learning/memory issues, skin symptoms, and more. 

The latest research has actually shown Alzheimer's Disease to be possibly caused in part by a "diabetes of the brain" where essentially high sugar consumption can lead to increased plaques in the brain.

By the way, sugars don't just include obvious sugars like pastries, candy, donuts, cookies, etc. It also includes any kind of starches such as pasta, breads, white potatoes etc. 

Go ahead and take Dr. Dave's Smeagol Sugar Addiction test right now to see where you stand when it comes to sugar!


Click here to take the Smeagol Sugar Addiction quiz