Supporting the Brain After Trauma with Chiropractic
I often get asked if someone who has sustained a concussion should seek chiropractic care, and the answer is: Absolutely YES!
Once a patient has been cleared of any life-threatening injury, holistic chiropractic care is one of the most effective and beneficial treatments for someone who has sustained a traumatic brain injury.
Traumatic brain injury includes concussion, brain bruising, brain bleeding, and other forms of brain injury. Repeated brain injury, as seen in athletes or military, for example, can lead to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a progressive degenerative disease that affects the brain.
Brain injuries can happen at any time, starting from birth. They can lead to or contribute to headaches, dizziness, nausea/GI issues, anxiety, depression, mental decline, functional disabilities, and learning disabilities (particularly in children).
I tackle brain injuries in my patients from various angles ( I am a holistic chiropractor, after all!). First of all is structure. Often, brain injuries result in spinal misalignments, particularly at the skull/neck junction. If left untreated, this can allow post-concussive symptoms to continue or worsen. The cranial bones must also be assessed, as well as soft tissue structures such as ligaments and muscles, which all may be likely affected and need manual treatment via chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue work. I also perform certain techniques to reduce swelling and increase cerebrospinal fluid, lymphatic (waste drainage), and blood flow throughout the brain and body.
Traumatic brain injury also results in a cascade of waste products in the body from damaged brain tissue. It is the body's job to clear the waste products. However, if the body is lacking in nutrients to efficiently clean up the waste products, the damage will not be eliminated and full healing will not occur. I muscle test my patients to determine if they need nutritional supplemental support of any kind, including omegas, brain tissue extracts, arnica or other homeopathics, turmeric, RNA, and more. Also, it is essential to eliminate foods from the diet which are pro-inflammatory, including sugars, grains, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and more.
I believe that patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury and seek holistic chiropractic care afterwards (the sooner the better!) have much better outcomes than those who do not. Hopefully this post helps to raise awareness that those who have suffered brain injuries should consider chiropractic care as one of their first lines of treatment!