Supporting Healthy Blood Sugar Control with Holistic Chiropractic
We're halfway through the work week, and today I'm doing a post all about helping with blood sugar control! This time, my lovely patient Lilibet is helping me demonstrate just one of the ways we can work on supporting optimal blood sugar balance with certain treatment techniques.
Blood sugar stability is absolutely foundational to overall health. Proper blood sugar management ensures healthy adrenal and endocrine function, balanced mood, sufficient energy levels, good immune function, decreased pain and inflammation, and more.
Many patients suffer from blood sugar imbalance, including hyper or hypo (high OR low) blood sugar, or an instability of blood sugar levels leading to rapidly rising and falling blood sugar levels throughout the day. Fluctuating blood sugar often leads to periods of high energy followed by "crashes" in the fall-asleep-at-your-desk type way after lunch. We often see this in children as well.
Through Total Body Modification, I have learned just one of many techniques that can aid in restoring proper blood sugar balance and in supporting the organs involved in blood sugar balance, including the pancreas, adrenals, and liver. The technique involves specific muscle testing techniques. If the patient fails any of the muscle tests, we then apply a certain treatment, which may be an adjustment to C5 in the neck (aka the blood sugar bone!) or T7 in the mid back, which relates to the pancreas, or we may use other treatment methods with the activator, reflex points, homeopathic remedies, and more, if indicated. We make sure that when we finish, the patient is able to pass all muscle tests associated with TBM's blood sugar support protocol!
Chiropractic, when combined with other holistic health care techniques, can address a myriad of health concerns, not just musculoskeletal. Oftentimes, after this procedure, we immediately see a change in the patient's blood glucose level if it's able to be tested. We work as a team though, and the patient must do their homework to maintain all of the work in the office. The benefits of holistic chiropractic kinesiology extend far and are often instantaneous, satisfying our human need for instant gratification :)