Supporting Another Mom-to-Be!
A huge congrats to Dominique and Ben, and a Happy Born Day to their new little boy Lukas (who was still taking up residence in Domi's tummy at this visit a few weeks ago)!
As have many other pregnant moms-to-be, Domi saw me monthly throughout most of her pregnancy. A few years ago, I made the great choice to become Webster Certified. Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment procedure for pregnant women. In summary, it supports neurological and biomechanical function, most importantly of the hips/pelvis. This treatment can often result in aiding proper positioning of baby in utero, decreased pain during labor, shorter labor times, increased muscle strength and power for pushing during labor, and reduced stress on both mother and baby. Not to mention, it also helps mother to feel more comfortable throughout her pregnancy. Bye bye lower back pain, pubic area pain, sciatica, etc!
Domi, it was awesome to work with you throughout the pregnancy, and I look forward to seeing you and meeting little Lukas one day soon!
One last thing- high on my list of seminars to take next is infant/pediatric adjusting and cranial work!