Speaking at Career Day at my Alma Mater

I had such a fun morning yesterday speaking at Career Day at Connelly School of the Holy Child, my high school alma mater!

I spoke to 3 different groups of high school students as one of 3 speakers in the Heatlh and Medicine Group. I spoke alongside a NICU nurse and a nurse practitioner. I shared with the students all about chiropractic kinesiology, alternative and holistic medicine, starting a small business, challenges and successes, and what I have experienced so far on mycareer path.

The word "doctor" actually comes from the Latin meaning 'to teach'. I want to take every opportunity to teach people all that I know about the benefits of and true healing found in holistic healthcare, particularly chiropractic kinesiology, and why looking at human health as a triad of structural, mental/emotional, and biochemical factors is so important.

It was so enjoyable for me to be able to participate in my high school's annual Career Day, and I look forward to possibly speaking again next year!