So What is Inflammation Anyways?

This is the perfect infographic to explain "Inflammation"!

Many times, in the office, I tell my patients that I am suspecting and/or detecting inflammation, whether it be localized to a certain joint, organ, etc., or be it systemic, meaning there's inflammation present throughout the entire body.  Often, my patients ask me what inflammation is. Inflammation is essentially a series of chemical processes that trigger our immune system to protect the body from things that harm it.  In this attempt by the body to heal itself, damage can be done, and pain, swelling, and other symptoms can result. 

Inflammation, while well-intended, can interfere greatly with our health. It can negatively affect our ability to heal and function at our best. It can even interfere with chiropractic manipulation, as inflammation in joints can negatively impact their ability to be adjusted, and heal. 

So what are the main causes of inflammation? Read on below to find out what they are. *I would add to this list: physical injuries, as well!*

Hopefully, well-equipped with this information and knowledge, you can begin to reduce your body's inflammatory load! 

Dr Hyman Mark thank you for this.