So Much More than Just Adjustments!

This infographic posted by the ICAK-USA shows all the things that I assess at every visit in the office! 

During a treatment, using muscle testing, we find what muscles aren't working (weak muscles) and what muscles are working. Once we find a weak muscle, we determine why it is shut off. These factors below are all of the reasons that a muscle may be weak.

*It could be a spinal misalignment that needs to be adjusted. 
*It could be lymphatic points that need to be worked on (if I've ever dug into tender points on your body you have experienced this!). 
*It could be neuromuscular points that need to be held (I do this on the forehead a lot!). 
*It may be an acupuncture system imbalance that we will correct. 
*And finally, it may be a nutrient deficiency that we must supply with nutritional supplements (are you taking your supplements as prescribed?). 

When we address ALL of these factors, then we can truly fix the underlying causes of the pain or symptom.

I couldn't practice chiropractic without Applied Kinesiology, my incredibly valuable system of muscle testing! Thanks to all of my patients for sharing in my appreciation of muscle testing, and wanting to learn more about what happens during a treatment here at Synergy Chiropractic.