Sibling Treatments and a Birthday in Office
I had a double treat last week when I had siblings Joe and Elissa come in for treatments back-to-back! It was Joe's birthday, and he decided to schedule himself a birthday treatment in my office (so fun, birthday treatments are the best). His sister Elissa, who happened to have a session just before him, decided she would surprise him by sticking around after her treatment to say a hello and happy birthday to her brother! I captured the moment in a photo.
I absolutely love moments like these in the office. I also love treating family. I would say almost half of my patients have family that also come in-wow! Sometimes, I treat entire families in office. It's a pleasure and an honor to be family health practitioner and to be able to work with entire families, from babies to grandparents and everyone in between!
Happy Birthday to Joe, and thanks to Elissa for making it special with me!