Sharing With You Our Professional Friends for Small Biz Saturday!

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Did you know? On our website we have a page dedicated to the other amazing small businesses that we often refer people to and recommend. It can be found under Services- Professional Network-Meet Our Partners. Today, I wanted to highlight that page and those businesses in support of Small Business Saturday.

I also wanted to share a few of my thoughts on being a small business owner. It is by far the most rewarding thing in my life, to be a chiropractor with my own practice, to practice exactly as I want to, and to give people the service, care, and love I believe they deserve. It is also hard work, and to date the most difficult thing in my life has been graduating from chiropractic school and starting a business. I wouldn't change one bit of it, and I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

Check out these other amazing businesses found on the website. They include Mary Raddell, our licensed MT of Perceptive Touch who works in office, Acupuncture: Aime AdamsMaurice D. Williams of Move Well Fitness, LLC., Wen-Li Lu, PT, Renee Moten of Functional Fitness-Knee Pain Recipe, Susan Smith Burns of balance, Your Pilates and Yoga StudioAndrew Wong of Capital Integrative Health, and Elena Khazanova Holistic Psychotherapist at Grow with Ease. There are many other businesses that I recommend in the area, and this list is limited! I could go on and on with all of the amazing local businesses, but I am going to keep it short and restricted to my holistic healthcare professionals network. I am always adding new practitioners to the page, so check back often. 

Have a Happy Saturday shopping local!