Seniors: A Perfect Population for Chiropractic Care
It's never too early or too late for chiropractic!
My patient Cheryl brought her 93 year old father in this week for his very first holistic chiropractic treatment.
I've preached about the benefits of chiropractic for my younger patients, but what about the benefits of chiropractic treatments for seniors?
The benefits of holistic chiropractic for seniors includes but is not limited to: decreased pain levels, increased flexibility and range of motion, less falls, stronger bones and muscles, increased balance and coordination, better immune system function, elevated mood, better memory and cognitive function, decreased arthritis and joint degeneration, and more.
This is accomplished through chiropractic manipulation as well as muscle testing, muscle therapy, reflex point and meridian system work, mind-body techniques, and more. Through these tools I aid patients in increasing not only the health and function of their musculoskeletal system, but of their overall brain and nervous system as well.
People often ask how I adjust younger or older patients. Thankfully, I have been trained in a number of different techniques, including traditional diversified chiropractic adjusting, activator adjusting, toggle board adjusting, Thompson drop piece, respiratory adjusting, and more. These techniques range from higher force to more gentle. I use a variety of these techniques with all of my patients, including infants, children, and elderly. This allows me to treat all different populations of people.
Thanks so much to Cheryl for bringing her father in for his very first treatment! Cheryl knew how important it would be for her father to receive chiropractic care while he was here visiting from Guyana. It was my pleasure to help bring healing and optimal well-being to him.