See More Clearly with Chiropractic

This past Saturday, one of my patients asking me during their treatment, "Could my neck affect my vision? I feel like my vision has been off!"

The answer was a resounding YES. Oftentimes, particularly with misalignments in the upper neck aka cervical spine, people get symptoms of visual disturbance, including difficulty focusing the eyes together, decreased vision, blurred vision, double vision, and more. My patient reported to me that she just felt like "her vision just wasn't right, wasn't as sharp" as it usually is. This is something that I have heard more than a few times from my patients with upper neck misalignments and imbalances.

How does this work? The nerves to the eyes, ears, nose, and head all exit at the cranium and upper cervical spine areas. This means any compromise of the nerves in this area can affect the vision. These nerves often become compromised when spinal misalignments interfere with the nerve flow. 

The upper neck and nerves therein are largely responsible for keeping the head balanced while sensory input is being process through them. This can only occur when there is precise nerve impulses properly interpreted by the brain, spinal cord and neck. In short, this means that issues in the upper neck can also cause balance problems and dizziness. The upper neck is THE balance center of the body. Therefore, people often report dizziness as well as visual disturbances. 

Getting a proper, specific neck adjustment by a chiropractor can be incredibly powerful in restoring proper nerve flow to and from the balance center, eyes, ears, nose, and head.