Sciatica Patient is Back on the Field 2 Weeks Later

My patient Jake first came in about 4 weeks ago right after he experienced an episode of severe sciatica after feeling a pull in his lower back while doing a maneuver in football. Jake was concerned since the pain was so severe it was difficult to even get comfortable at all. He went to the ER, and MRI findings revealed a disc bulge in his lower back aka lumbar spine. 
While the conventional medical approach is often oral steroids, pain killers, or the most aggressive treatment which is surgery, Jake got to work with both me, and a physical therapist. Just 2 weeks later, he was able to play football again.  Now, 5 weeks later, he's able to run, jump, accelerate, and play football with minimal issues. His recovery was speedy fast, and it's because he addressed his sciatica in a holistic way that really got to the root cause!
So what did we work on with Jake? A lot of different things! I find that it's never just one cause, but rather a number of factors, and then one thing that is the "straw that breaks the camels back". 
We did manual muscle testing to determine which muscles weren't firing to support and stabilize Jake's lumbar spine, discs, and nerves. We found some major muscles of the lower back not quite firing, including his abdominals aka core. Core musculature is so important for stability of the lumbar spine. A weakness in the core muscles can be due to spinal misalignments, injuries, and even issues with the small intestine and gut inflammation. We worked on Jake's Ileocecal Valve in the intestines to support this system. 
We also found weakness in and worked on Jake's hamstrings, related to the colon, his glut max, which relates to the hormonal system and stress, and others. 
We employed a number of different treatment techniques including spinal adjustments, muscle activation therapy, organ system therapy, and lymphatic reflex points.
From barely being able to walk in the ER to playing football again in 3 weeks is incredible! Unfortunately, I know of many who suffer with sciatica for months and even years. I believe that chiropractic is and should be the FIRST line of conservative therapy for any non-surgical disc injury and case of sciatica. Chiropractic care also enhances the outcomes of physical therapy by helping certain muscles fire better, therefore they are able to get a better workout and strengthen more during PT sessions!
Thanks to Jake for sharing this story, and we're so glad that you're back out there being active and living your life to its fullest!