Scar Tissue Treatment with my Patient Mona and Why This is so Important!
Today my patient Mona and I are sharing how we successfully treated her cesarean surgery scar and the uncomfortable symptoms it was causing her!

Scar tissue and fibrous adhesions in the body have come onto the radar more in the health field as we discover the disruptions that they cause throughout the body and to our overall health.

Scar tissue forms when collagen fibers are laid down over an injury/surgery site. The problem is this tissue is often laid down in a random, mismatched pattern. The body must break down the scar tissue and realign it properly again over time. When this does not happen and scar tissue remains dysfunctional, it negatively affects local muscles, joints, nerves, and organs. It has also recently been discovered that scar tissue disrupts the flow of energy along the meridians (energy channels) in the body. Think of scar tissue as roadblocks in the body. 

Mona came to me with many postpartum symptoms after giving birth to her son. One of her complaints was her C-section scar. She was experiencing lower back pain, pelvic discomfort, numbness and itching in the area of the scar, and a pulling/straining sensation in her abdomen near the scar. I felt that the scar tissue was contributing to all of these symptoms, and other health issues she was experiencing, and thus needed to be treated.

Thank goodness for Applied Kinesiology, because through AK I had learned how to asses scar tissue with neurologic muscle testing, and then treat the dysfunctional adhesions that I found. With muscle testing, I can identify the exact direction of tugging that the scar tissue needs to be corrected with. I used an Arnica cream to assist my scar tissue treatment. I also used Mona's breathing to help treat the scar tissue. I would manually pull the tissue while Mona took a breath in. Incorporating breathing into the treatment of the scar tissue helps it be even more effective. We of course incorporated other treatment modalities as well including chiropractic adjustments, reflex points, and more.

Mona experienced immediate relief of her scar symptoms. Currently, she states that she has experienced 75-80% resolution of her C-section scar tissue, which had been present for 6 months since she had given birth. We continue to work on it in the office with regular treatments. Mona also used a homeopathic spray that aids in breaking up scar tissue internally as well! I have to mention this NET product because it has helped SO MANY of my patients with scar tissue/old injury symptoms. It is called Scars-Adhesions, is an oral spray, and works wonders on releasing scar tissue from the inside.

Thanks Mona for being such a wonderful patient and sharing your story with us on such an important topic!