Saying Farewell (but not Goodbye!) to my Rockstar Patient Stacy

Wishing this wonderful soul all the best she she embarks on a new chapter in her life! 

A few weeks ago I had my last (regular monthly) session with Stacy after 3 years of near-monthly visits together! Stacy has just retired from a 30 year career with the US Air Force and is making her way road trip style across the country to the Pacific Northwest. Just how amazing is this soul? She is also pursuing a new life purpose in the conservation, preservation, and protection of elephants and the rescuing of elephant orphans in Africa.

Stacy came in for monthly holistic chiropractic visits for quite some time to maintain her physical and emotional health and well-being. She will return whenever she is in town, so it is not goodbye entirely!

One of my favorite things about my visits with Stacy is our deep philosophical talks! During these talks we would often reference self-help teachers and books, so, in honor of Stacy's leaving, I am going to share a few of the wonderful books we mentioned with you all. I am hoping my patients find much wisdom, insight, and self-help in them!

1. Untamed-Glennon Doyle
2. Finding Your Own North Star-Martha Beck
3. The Joy Diet-Martha Beck
4. Steering by Starlight-Martha Beck
5. Eat, Pray, Love-Elizabeth Gilbert
6. Love Warrior-Glennon Doyle
7. Braving the Wilderness-Brene Brown
8. The Power of Vulnerability-Brene Brown

Stacy, I am so grateful to know you and my life is definitely all the more enriched because of you! I look forward to the day that we have our next treatment session, even if it is a little farther out than usual! So much love and respect for you, and wishing you all of the very best on your journey! 

Dr. Amanda