Relief From That Brutal Allergy Season! How to Treat Allergies Holistically

In the wake of a killer spring allergy season, allergies and the holistic approach to them really deserves a post, so here it is!

Despite what you may think, allergies often aren't just something you are cursed with and that's it. Allergy symptoms usually develop for quite a number of reasons and factors, many of which can be positively influenced by a holistic treatment approach, resulting in less severe or resolved allergy symptoms.

Allergies generally happen when your body's immune system attacks harmless proteins in your body, resulting in an inflammatory response. This means the first factor in allergies is our own immune system. Our immune systems can be strengthened and our inflammatory response can be lowered. The first way to do this is through out diet. We must eat an anti-inflammatory, immune-supportive diet. This means cutting out allergenic foods such as gluten, dairy, corn, soy sugar, processed foods and meats, fast food, etc. It means choosing foods that are organic, range-fed, and hormone, anti-biotic, and trans-fat free. It means adding healthy omega-3 fats and plenty of green leafies and fresh fruit. This absolutely must be step 1. Without cleaning up our diet, the allergy-free lifestyle we aim for will always be out of reach.

There are other organ systems highly involved in allergies. The liver is a major one. The liver is responsible for cleansing the blood of toxins that release histamine, and for breaking down histamine itself. Without the liver performing this vital function, histamines, which cause the itchiness, sneezing, hives, congestion, etc that allergy-sufferers experience, will run rampant and go haywire in the body.

Other organs involved in addressing allergies? We also must have healthy lung and respiratory function to properly clear mucous produced by allergens. Side note, this means we must be exercising and working our lungs. There is a big connection between the stomach and allergies as well, which I learned through my Applied Kinesiology courses. I also cannot forget to mention stress management! Higher levels of stress directly contribute to allergy symptoms and inflammation in the body. 

In my office, I primarily treat allergies through diet and lifestyle changes and management of stress through mind-body techniques, as well as regular chiropractic kinesiology treatments and nutritional supplementation Standard Process Inc. to support the organs and system mentioned above. The three products in the photo below are my three personal favorites to give my allergy ridden patients.

*Antronex- usually my first go-to, this supplement contains a liver extract to support the liver's detoxification processes, and it supports the immune system

*Allerplex- contains lung and adrenal tissue, vitamins A and C, some Antronex, and other ingredients to support liver, lung and respiratory function

*Sinus Forte- an herbal blend to support healthy upper respiratory mucous membranes, includes Echinacea, Golden Seal and other wonderful herbs

The best thing about these products? They do not interfere with your body's histamine production, as over-the-counter medications do. These products address the ROOT causes of the allergy symptoms which ultimately results in less histamine production as well as better histamine metabolism. 

If you still need allergy support this season, let's address it together!
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