Reflex Points Part II: Neurovascular Points

Happy last week of January! 2020 is off to a wonderful start here in the office, and this week I am posting all about another type of reflex point- Neurovascular Reflex points.

Dr. Terrance Bennett, a chiropractor, discovered Neurovascular Reflex points in the 1930's. He mapped these points mostly over the head and chest. 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Neurolymphatic points, which stimulate the flow of lymphatic drainage from certain muscles and organs. Neurovascular points stimulate the circulation of the vascular system to various different muscles and organs. In improving circulation to muscles and organs, we improve function.

I will often ID the Neurovascular point that needs to be treated by using my tool of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing. Once I find a weak, or inhibited, muscle, I test to see if it needs the Neurovascular point treated. If indeed it does, I then use mild finger pressure on the points for about 30-60 seconds, often tugging them in different directions until I can feel a slight pulsing sensation. Treatment of the point often immediately dilates the blood vessels that supply oxygen and many nutrients located within the muscle and organ.

The patient often feels a deep sense of relaxation while we perform this treatment, as these points not only physically increase blood flow to and from muscles and organs, but also act as nervous system calmatives and emotional release points. This is because emotional stress has an overloading and congestive affect on our vascular system. When we hold these points, we can obtain an emotional processing/release and relieve emotional burden on our nervous systems and ultimately our bodies.

I am looking forward to treating many more reflex points for my patients in our holistic chiropractic sessions this coming week! Happy Sunday!