Recent Study Shows Chiropractic Better than Epidurals for Herniated Discs

More great research/news in the chiropractic world with a recent study published in the Journal of Manual and Phsyiological Therapeutics!

Epidural injections, a more aggressive form of treatment for pain due to disc injury, are steroidal injection mixtures meant to reduce pain. While sometimes effective at offering short-term pain relief, they don't address the root cause of the pain, and often actually weaken the ligaments and structures in the area of injection long-term.

Holistic chiropractic kinesiology is a viable and effective alternative to steroidal injections and surgery. Oftentimes, it is a combination of factors contributing to the disc injury and pain, and all must be addressed for true, long-lasting resolution of the pain. This means using our tools of applied kinesiology muscle testing and chiropractic adjustments to address musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances contributing to the problem, along with other factors such as organ system dysfunction (especially the intestinal system and ileocecal valve, which can cause discs to retain more fluid and bulge/herniate more), mental/emotional stressors, injury memory in the body, nutrient deficiencies, and so much more. With chiropractic kinesiology, we can identify all contributors and address them as indicated by the body!